Wednesday, January 26, 2011


before i begin, i wanna say that i am back to normal!

seriously, i hope that my previous post didnt scare anyone or make them think that im some crazy screwed up emo weirdo.

i feel random, so i shall blog! 

there's a really cute guy working in the finance department. i wonder if he's a student  helper, hmm. he certainly looks young enough. i hope he never sees this, id be so mortified. or wait, i dont think i'd be mortified. being the smooth talker i am, i should just flip my hair, flash him a smile, and ask him out for lunch. HAH I KID. :D

waiting for the next class to start in inti's library. nothing much to do, so i've been reading xiaxue's ancient blog posts, from like 2003? her blog is really damn funny! i've been reading it for the past half hour and giggling maniacally to myself, and the people sitting around me are giving me weird looks, as if to say "who on earth is this freak who was allowed to enter an institution of higher education?" the first few times i tried to suppress my laughter, or disguise it by coughing my lungs up, but then i gave up doing that soon. whatever like i care what they think.and so now i just freely let out huge coarse guffaws, which im sure is making people think that im some kind of uncivilized lunatic.

read her posts about molesters and racism! you'd be tickled too!


oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys about this funny incident the other day.

i was hanging out at empire, waiting for a friend. it was a weekday, hence not many people were around. so i was mulling around, willing the time to pass as fast as possible so that she'd come soon. i walked into this shop, and the guy working there was pretty good looking. he looked bored as hell, so i decided to try and make some conversation with him to occupy myself with something to do.

i walked nearer to him on the pretext of checking out some of the stuff near the shelves where he was standing, all the while trying to think of something to say to him. as i approached, i caught his eye, he gave me a slight smile and a look of acknowledgement.

my brain stalled for a bit, and then i opened my mouth and said....

"so how much do you get paid here, anyway?"

the very second those words came out, i was like "where the hell did that come from?!!" i was tongue tied, kicking myself for being such a doofus. the guy looked at me appraisingly with this expression which was somewhat amused, and at the same time a bit surprised. shit, i felt like such an idiot harhar. i bet that he immediately threw me under the 'gold digger' category. my friend happened to call to tell me that she had arrived at that exact moment, and i thankfully scuttled off, feeling like a fool.


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