Thursday, January 6, 2011


went out with sheng nee today. wanted to shop cos of late i've been finding shopping more enjoyable than usual.

and i forgot to bring my camera!
*kicks myself*
so all these shots are from my lousy camera phone. :(

went to the usuals ; forever21, cotton on, kitschen, etc, but didnt find anything i really liked, save for these two pieces.

this red polkadot tube top is totally cute but im still thinking whether or not to get it, rm30, blehh. i mean, if it were that amount for a tee, skirt, or dress i wouldnt mind, but its just a tube top. even now at home sitting in front of the lappie blogging this out, im still wondering if i should go back and get it.


i think this dress is pretty cute too, but it's stripey, and i have like one stripey dress already! wait, i ONLY have one stripey dress! which means that i should totally get it, right? hehe :)

but i think it makes me look like a total pear wei

yeah, a pear. 
cos i'm a lot smaller on top, while having a monstrosity of a bum.


why couldnt i have been blessed with an hourglass figure, like blake lively?

oh! this picture popped out when i google searched her and hmm, come to think of it, she does look kinda heavier on the bottom too!
(or maybe it's just a flukeshot and no she doesnt have a big bum, she's totally hot but shut up dont rain on my parade)


ahh, my world has suddenly become a better place :D

whoops look how far ive digressed.

so, where were we? ah yes, the dress. should i get it or not?

yes or no? should i or should i not?

decisions decisions, you guys have no idea how difficult a girl's life can be :D
aiyah whatever lah, if it's still there the next time i go there i think i'll get it.

we watched The Tourist

which in my opinion, was a totally shitty show. the whole show, the WHOLE DAMN SHOW, was all about angelina jolie. 

yeah, ALL ABOUT HER. doing the most mundane things!

angelina jolie walking.

angelina jolie standing. 

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie is spotted filming a scene with Johnny Depp for their upcoming film "The Tourist". The pair shot a scene where Depp climbed aboard a water taxi in which Angelina was riding in. The filming was allegedly shut down early for the day, as too many fans surrounded the set, prohibiting the production to run safely.

angelina jolie waving.

angelina jolie looking around.

angelina jolie folding a newspaper.

and all through out the movie, she does everything with such a forced, unnatural poise and helluva gracious fake smile plastered on her face that you'll probably have a sore back and a tired jaw just from watching her.

angelina jolie, angelina jolie, angelina jolie!!

im sick of her!
someone give me something prescribed for an overdose of angelina jolie!

damnit, seriously, the whole movie was a freaking waste of time. i kept anticipating for something to happen, someone getting shot, some raunchy bedroom scenes, a policeman digging his nose, whatever!
anything to make a difference to the overload of angelina jolie in this movie!

ok, i wouldnt have minded seeing as much of her as i did, provided there was some good action and an interesting plot, but NOOOO. i think the directors mustve thought "we wanna make a movie that sells. sex sells. angelina jolie is the epitome of sexiness. and since A + B = C, angelina jolie acting in our movie = kachings. eureka! thats it! all we need is angelina jolie! whats that? an interesting plot? humour? action? mystery? suspense? NOOOOO, we dont need that! all we need is angelina jolie!!"

screw the directors, seriously.
the movie was a total waste of time and money.

i cant imagine anyone wanting to watch this movie, unless you're a crazy fan of hers. and even then, i'd still say that you're better off just staring at a poster of her for two hours that to put down your ten bucks on this movie.

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