Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Nike Run KL took place on sunday, just 3 days ago.


it was a bittersweet experience for me.

as we stood waiting to start, hot tears stung my cheeks, because i knew i could not possibly run the whole way. 

the start gun sounded, and i began to run. i told myself i'd run as much as possible, but slow down whenever i felt the familiar dull pain before it could build up in my knee.

made it to 4.5km before it came upon me. slowed down to a walk.

puff, puff. walked, ran, walked, ran, walked, ran.

it shames me to think that back when i had no problems whatsoever with running, i'd keep it up the whole way, not slowing down to walk for even a second, and whenever i'd see others walking, i'd scoff inwardly at them, "hmph, weaklings". never again shall i be so condescending and arrogant in my thinking towards other runners. we each have our own race to run, and it is not our place to judge how others run their race when our own is still before us.

seeing others pass me with ease made me angry at myself, and the irony of the situation. do you know how hard i trained? how disciplined i was with my schedule, eating, and sleep? 

if i were in form, finishing this 10km with a sub-1hour timing would have been no sweat.

8km, running became unbearable. 

finished the 10k race walking across the finish line.

my timing?

doesn't the above make me sound so angry and resentful? on part, i guess i was.

but after i was done, sitting on the grassy slopes on the edges of padang merbok mulling over the race, it also made me realize many things.

1:22:30 is actually a really good time for someone who was walking more than half of it.

although i couldn't run the whole way, at least i tried my best and gave it my all.

even though i walked, what was important was that i FINISHED the race. 

it might not have been my fastest, but to hell with anyone who says i didn't give it my best shot. 

and this. it made me cry because it rang so true.

"run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must ; just never give up." 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


this will be the last of my posts about the pulau ketam trip. you can click on the following links to read pt.1pt.2, and pt.3

so on the island, it was super primitive and everything. in the distance, i spied a yellow signboard. and as we got closer to it i saw that it was a maybank atm!

never expected to see one in a place like this!

(ok totally exaggerating lol)

photobomb ; failpic 

are you sick of my antics yet? :P

these people sure have money!
my guess is that living on pulau ketam, they don't exactly have anywhere to spend their moolah, and so they just keep it in the atm.

tour guide (with the towel on his head) took us to see the place where they make boats. the boat behind him costs Rm600,000 and that's not even including the engine yet. with the engine it'd be well over Rm1,000,000.

dude i could buy a house and car with that amount of money, and still have some left over.

blocks of wood that they use in the boat-making process

bicycles for rent.

 i'm sure that some of you have never heard of this, fried ice cream!

there is an uncle selling it near the main jetty for Rm1.70 a piece, and his is the best i've ever eaten! ice cream in a thin doughy shell is kept in the freezer before he takes it out and plonks it into boiling oil for a few seconds.

the ice cream after it is fried, its shell golden brown and crispy!

i bit into it, oh!
sheer bliss!

would you LOOK at that! 

the purple of the yam ice cream matches my nail polish, heh. 

finally at 5.30pm, it was time for us to go home.

i was SO relieved when they announced that we would be leaving, as we'd arrived at 10am, which made it more than 7hours that we'd been on the island.
there were huge crowds of people lining up waiting for the ferry at the jetty, and we would have all turned into dinosaurs before it was our turn. 

so roy called up his friend who owns a speedboat to get us all back to port klang.

on the speedboat - sis, me, and mum.

the speedboat churned up the ocean in huge sprays as we sped along.


that's all for now guys! 

Monday, October 3, 2011


so here's the follow up from the pulau ketam trip from pt.1 and pt.2

we got to see the process of making dried shrimp.

all the shrimp!

shrimp left in the sun to dry.

then they are manually separated from their shells.

found two small crabs among the shrimp.

plus one more.

done with our visit, we continued on.

stone effigy at another temple.

phew, it was so, so hot! when we first stepped on the island at 10am, i had the impression that we were only gonna stick around a while, walk a bit and then leave but by now it was already 2pm and there was no sign of us leaving anytime soon.

the sun was simply blazing, beating its rays down onto us. and alas, poor, foolish me, who never thought of applying sunscreen, or taking along a hat or umbrella, i was simply roasted!

so i was really thankful when we stopped for a drink.

chunks of pineapple in ice water. a simple beverage, but trust me when i say that in the friggin heat, taking a sip is having like liquid heaven flowing down your throat.

sweaty, hot, me. 
nail polish from elianto btw in case anyone wants to know.

crystal and i

and another one of us:)

taking a picture on another bridge, cos i thought the background was nice.
why does my face look so fat?

the market.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 continuing where i left off from the  previous post about the pulau ketam trip.

after our brekkie, we continued walking on.

pretty flower

taken in my canon ixus's colour accent mode

brother blowing bubbles

one of the temples that we saw. pulau ketam consists of a dominantly buddhist / taoist population, so there were many many temples there.

so much rubbish! i tell you, it shouldn't be called 'crab island', but instead, 'CRAP island' because, the whole island is literally full of crap!

they don't have any dustbins on the island because guess what, they just treat the whole island as a huge dumpsite. we went to a restaurant to eat and when we were done, the lady just took our plates and flung the leftovers out the window!

crossing a bridge.

group photo :)

view from the bridge. looks idyllic and serene yes? but don't be fooled.

the water's so oily and dirty, the fish are floating belly up. 

crabs and mudskippers.

shall continue this post, need to head to bed now! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


at long last, i've finally gotten round to blogging about pulau ketam. 

the trip was organized by one of my church members, roy, who was born and bred there. the day started off with us meeting in church, then driving to port klang, where we took the 9am ferry to our destination. 

crystal squinting cos of the sun.
i'm so glad she came along, i had someone to talk to the whole trip. :)

walking along the bridge to the jetty. 

boarding the ferry.

sis and i.
stupid pimple on my cheek.

mum and bro.

once we got there, roy had everything planned out for us, which included getting a tour guide to take us around. 

our guide was from the local high school. so, this is how they earn pocket money during the holidays.
their school shirt is so cute with the crab on the back!

hence, we began our trek on foot through the island.

town hall and a basketball court.

saw this mean cat which hissed and spat at me.

at 10.30am, it was decided that it was breakfast time!

nom nom nom

mum and dad

there were two options that were offered to us. 
first, the curry mee.

curry mee with see ham, tofu, fishcakes, eggs, taugeh, foo chuk, and erm.. i don't know what else. plus prawn sambal on the side.

second option was rice, which was what i had.

rice with char siew, curry chicken and potatoes, see ham, eggs, ikan bilis, and some shrimp. good stuff.

there was more shrimp as a side dish to complement our meal. :D 
yum in the tum!

found this tiny crab of microscopic proportions in my food. 

there it is next to some grains of rice. so miniscule!

on pulau ketam, the main mode of transportation is bicycles. everywhere we walked that day, there would be the constant ringing of bells, then we would have to hop it in order for them to pass.

a dad ferrying two of his kids on a bike, how adorable. :)

alright, i shall stop here. will continue blogging about the trip in subsequent posts as there are too many pictures. 

as for now, it is time for me to get some shuteye.

nights, people!