Thursday, September 30, 2010


this is such a superficial shallow post so if you're one of those who go around telling people "hey who cares if you have dangly arms, or saggy thighs, you have to love your body cos we're all beautiful!" you might wanna click that red X at the top right of this page now.

its funny when i look back at pictures of myself in the past, and remember how even then, i used to complain about not being thin enough, cos now when i look in the mirror, i wish that i could look that way again.

it might not have been fantastic, but it sure beats the way i look now.

yes it took guts but here it is, a current picture of me.
urgh i look so so so fat i hate myself!

SML max
(my acronym for the more popularly used FML - SML : screw my life, cos i dont believe in swearing)
seriously, i've been eating so little the old me would prolly have looked half starved but i still dont get why the hell i've been gaining weight. been watching what i eat like a hawk, and going for runs a few times every week, and i've also been chugging at least a cup of green tea daily cos i hear that it helps.
iit sucks to go out with my friends, and they go ahead and order whatever they want while i smile and politely decline because i wanna get all this excess baggage off so bad, but dont see any results. it sucks when my mum buys food back for my family, and i have to pick and choose what to eat because i dont want to eat stuff im not supposed to. it sucks that i have to think about what to eat, and plan my meals, instead of normal people who're able to just go ahead and eat whatever's on the table. it sucks to be so picky and have people think of me as a nitpicky fusser.

it sucks that i cant wear clothes that normal girls wear, like jeans and shorts. it sucks not to be able to keep up with the current trends in fashion. it sucks to go out and be surrounded by skinny, slight boned chicks cos it makes me feel so self conscious and insecure.

was talking to some girlfriends the other day about this and they said it's prolly cos my body's adjusting to the changes its experiencing now (irregular sleep patterns, inconsistent mealtimes, getting less food than its used to) and that i should be back to normal when my body finally comes round and gets used to things.
i damn well hope that it does, and i get back to looking 'normal'.


random loser : hey, cheryl right? how you doing?
me : who is this?
RL : im kevin, remember?
me : kevin? which kevin?
RL : there, that kevin, that one...remember?
me : what nonsense, i know 3 kevins.
RL : remember last time we were friends and you gave me your number?
me : we were friends? how do you know me?
RL : we met at that place last time, remember, and we talked and you gave me your number.
me : *getting more and more suspicious* we met at that place? which place?
RL : there ah, that place over there..that one that one..
me : bullshit la!
RL : ok la, we went to the same high school, aisheh. like that also cannot remember me.
me : which school was it?
RL : some school la, you dont know meh.
me : i know perfectly well, so why dont YOU stop beating around the bush and tell me which school it was?
RL : erm erm....
me : why dont you just stop wasting my time and tell me exactly what is it you want?
RL : chill la, why so fierce? i just wanted to know if we can be friends.
me : what? you want to be friends? why? i dont even know you!
RL : thats why la, i dont know you so i want to get to know you ma.
me : well, give me 3 good reasons why i should be your friend.
RL : har? errr..
me : lets start with you being honest and telling me how you REALLY got my number.
RL : i told you already right?
me : excuse me, you think im stupid is it? you think i cant tell that you're lying ah? faster answer me!
RL : err...ok..
me : and tell the truth this time!
RL : ok la, my friend gave me your number.
me : -.- which friend?
RL : there, that guy la, that one, you dont know meh
me : WHICH ONE LA???!!!
RL : that one...
me : -.- whats his name?
RL : erm..jack.
me : jack?? bullshit, i dont know any jack. now if you have nothing better to say, i dont wanna waste any more time talking to you cos i have better things to do.
RL : err...
me : *hangs up*

5minutes later, i received an sms from RL ;
hey, really sorry about just now..shouldnt have called and disturbed you..aihsss. i feel really really bad about it.. sorry..sorry.. please forgive me.. :(

one word.

you think im mean? yeah whatever. cos i sooo care what you think, right? :D

Monday, September 27, 2010


ever since i started college, ive been experiencing all these weird changes in my body, and i dont know how to explain them away.

  • hair loss 

people around me dont realise how much hair i've been loosing cos originally i do have quite a lot, but when im combing through my hair with conditioner in the shower, it freaks me out to see how much comes away in my hands.

  • rashes (the pic below isnt mine, its just one that looks similar that i grabbed off the internet)

they itch so bad, i scratch unconsciously in my sleep, and wake up with scaly, thick patches on my arms. recently, theyve been getting so bad that i cant sleep comfortably, and when i do wake up, theyve been scratched raw and bloody.

  • that time of the month 
this is really scary. yes, my periods have never been right on the dot, with the time deferring by up to 15days sometimes, but the last time i got my period was more than 60days ago.

and the worst so far,

  • weight gain 
claire sweeney weight gain
ive put on so much weight in such a short time i feel so disgustingly grotesque. this just doesnt make any sense, cos im eating less than ive ever eaten for a long time, so shouldnt the results be weight loss instead of the direct opposite?

allow me to explain ; its not that im suppressing myself or anything like that, its just that i dont have the time to eat!

a typical day in my life now would be like this - i wake up at 7, and have to rush for an 8am class, so i usually grab a biscuit, or some oatmeal. college would go on till about 2? usually hang out at AC with other people after that but i dont eat there cos the food sucks and everything is pricey. then i'd reach home at about 4, feeling sleepy. dont eat lunch cos the feeling of sleeping right after a meal is soooo uncomfortable so yeah, no lunch and even if i do eat, itll be something light. i usually sleep till 7, so dinner is the only mealtime which allows me to sit down and get some food into my system, but after such a long time of not eating anything much, i cant handle eating regular portions which used to be no problem for me to consume, and end up eating less than half of what i used to eat compared to when i was in high school.

an example of what i ate today :

a few spoonfuls of oatmeal, stolen from bro cos he was going to school too.

lunch  (yes, today was one of the exceptional days where i actually ate something)
1 serving of cabbage, about the size of a small fist,
1 piece of chicken smaller than the size of a stapler?

1 serving of salad (consists of cucumber slices, tomato cubes, lettuce, onions) the size of a small cup
2 eggs
4 cubes of meat, each about the size of a box of matches.

take note,there's no rice, noodles, bread, cookies, or any high calorie food, so what gives, man?

even though i dont eat as much as i used to, oddly enough, i dont feel hungry either, so i assume my appetite has shrunk.
so why am i gaining weight???
and why is my whole system just so messed up??

told rachel about it and she says im prolly just stressed but the thing is i feel A ok! i've taken to my course like a duck to water and im just coasting along in college, without feeling like its anything i cant handle, so whats happening here?

Sunday, September 26, 2010


recently, ive found myself to be surrounded by such obnoxious thickheaded idiots its unbelievable how i can stand them. methinks i have the patience of a saint, not having blown up at any one of them yet.

i hate ;

1. guys who get into the female coach on the KTM.

i commute practically everywhere and i hate, HATE, these annoying dense morons, who just march determinedly into the coach, pretending they 'didnt know' it was a female coach, grab a seat, and then feign surprise "oh? was this a ladies coach? why i had no idea! but since im so comfy here already i think ill just stay put."


equally to blame are all those women who come in with their boyfriends / husbands. once, i saw this fat lady with her pathetic boyfriend step into the coach and gesture to her boyfriend to come in, saying 'takpe, masuk je", and at the same time giggling and telling him, "sayang, ini coach wanita!" annoying bitch. and i also saw this woman with her child, come in with her husband. not to sound inconsiderate here but come on, if you wanna be with your husbands or boyfriends that badly, then for goodness sake just get into an ordinary coach!

2. people who dont dress properly.

since this can be interpreted in many different ways, allow me to make known where exactly im coming from on this one.

people who dont button up the buttons on their clothes, therefore exposing unwelcome naked flesh. the buttons are there for a reason, damnit! just today, i was out with my family, and there was this guy with only the bottom two buttons on his shirt buttoned up, which was sufficient to show what you wouldnt wanna see.

no he did not look like this

or else i wouldnt be complaining. he looked like this

flab + old + hairy + exposed body = big eww!!

and he had a teen daughter with him, gosh. poor girl. O.O
but shouldnt she have the common sense to tell her old man to dress with some dignity? i wouldnt be caught dead with my dad if he went out like that, cruel as it sounds. and i bet you wouldnt either so dont judge me!

and i have another gripe about people trying to squeeze into clothes that just isnt meant for them. sure, you can wear a bikini if you have the right body statistics to go with it.

sidetracks *gawd katy perry is hawt!*

not if you look like this!

because chunky thighs and skinny jeans go together like cookies and milk. not.

really, would you wanna be accosted by sights like these when you go out? in my opinion, this is prolly a type of visionary violation. some kind of law should be made prohibiting people from wearing clothing that require them to stop breathing normally in order to put it on. what? its for their own good as well! im pretty sure that wearing a top that threatens to burst if you inhale cant be very comfortable?

im all for being confident in your own body, but come on! really, how do they have the nerve to do it? thumbs up for being determined enough to go out dressed like that though. if only that determination were put to better use. like being determined enough to not eat 6meals a day should do it, ha.

i know la im not skinny either, but i do try to dress in clothes that suit my body, really.

and whats with grown ups trying to dress like kids?

this is cute.

not this.

act your age and dont dress like tinkerbell / thumbelina / whoever! unless you're going to a fancy dress party, that is.

3. people who dont understand what "queuing up" means. back a few days when my family was getting lunch, i accompanied my dad to queue up to place our order. when we were still waiting our turn, this guy in front of us in the line got a call on his phone and walked out of the restaurant to answer it. him being gone, everyone else moved up in line.

after 5 minutes, when my dad was looking somewhere else, the guy waltzed right back into the line. my dad noticed and

dad : excuse me, im waiting in line here
dumbshit : yeah but i was here earlier, i just went outside to answer a call!
waiter : next!
dumbshit : i'll have a quarter pounder, make that a large with sprite, bla bla bla

obnoxious twit! if you've left the queue, YOU'VE LEFT THE QUEUE! so what if you were standing there first! thats just too bad, isnt it! you expect everyone to just wait there for you because of your oh-so-important-phone call? suck nuts! who cares if its your boss calling to tell you that dubai has just placed a fatcheque order for 5tonnes of marble to build another 6 star hotel, or if your wife is on the way to the hospital to deliver your son and her water just broke but she's still madly craving that quarter pounder or whatever, GET BACK IN LINE!!

4. drama queens.

"oh gosh i just swallowed an ant in my water, somebody call an ambulance NOW!!"
"OMG that guy i've had my eye on for the last two days was talking to another girl, im so gonna murder that bitch"
"NOOOOOOOO i've just lost my favourite hello kitty keychain my life is over!!!!"

annoying much?

there's this girl in my class, (you dont need to know who) who's a self professed drama queen. she talks at the top of her voice, making sure all within earshot (which is usually the entire class) can hear her enunciating down to every last consonant, and proceeds to lay down and dissect her entire life for all to know. just put a trap on it, will ya?

5. people (mainly girls) who're so damn proud of what they got from their momma, they have to tell the whole world about it. (im sure lots of you who have mutual friends with me know what im talking about) while yes, i do admit that most of them undoubtedly have better looks than average, theres no reason to update your status once every 6 hours telling everyone on facebook how much you love your legs or whatever. thats just plain stupid, and showing off. you dont need to shove it up people's arse how much you love your body, and we just arent interested.

6.  girls who put on what they think are their hottest outfits, and make a big deal about how they went for a 'photoshoot' dears, do you even know what a photoshoot is? well, you apparently dont, or else you wouldnt be misusing the word so atrociously, so allow me to graciously set you straight.

A photo shoot is generally used in the fashion industry, whereby a model poses for a photographer at a studio where multiple photos are taken to find the best ones for the required brief. ...

pics derived when i googled the word 'photoshoot'


and the results? 



and THIS.
THESE are things associated with the word 'photoshoot', nitwits.
not this.

what, stand in front of any camera, strike some random poses, and call that a photoshoot? like seriously are you kidding me =.="
i really dont get how some people can just walk out to some park, or hotel, or whatever, in their best outfits, get their friend with a hotshot DSLR to take a few hundred pics of them, upload all of those pics to fb, and tell the whole world about their 'photoshoot' 
and as if that isnt bad enough, some of them even use a CAMERAPHONE for their so called 'photoshoot' stab me please.


all this ignorance and stupidity around me infuriates me and gets my blood boiling so much, ill be lucky not to die young.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


hey people! i'm doing great here, although im pretty much swallowed up by college these days. which kinda relates to the first sentence of my post.

since the beginning of the semester (august), there were many things i wanted to say, but just didnt because i was afraid id be stepping on people's toes. but ah screw it, i dont have anything to loose so here comes my rant.

alright, when i first started college, everyone in my intake seemed so friendly and happy happy, but i didnt wanna get too close to people whose attitude i didnt have any idea of, so i kept my distance, despite the numerous ajaks for meals, movies, and such. some people might say that that isnt a very good approach to take and that i should get to know as many people as much as i can, but i'm really glad now that i made that decision to keep my distance.

during the first week of college, i wasnt expecting much, and approached my new environment with some degree of apprehension. just to enlighten you guys, there are a lot of people in my course (masscom) who cant even speak english well. like, seriously? i mean, all our classes are conducted in english, and if you dont even have the slightest comprehension of the language then really, what are you doing here? i wouldnt mind if people like them actually paid attention in class and made an effort, but all some of them do is facebook, talk, and sleep in class. and after that, they actually expect the ones who pay attention to keep them posted on what to do and all that shizz. they even asked some of us to help them complete their assignments for goodness sake. not that id mind helping, but really, do you really expect us to go to an extent that it affects our work, which is exactly what you people are asking for? asking others to go online and find stuff for you, and print out information, when theyre doing a completely different assignment from you, is JUST PLAIN thoughtless.

you cant cope? well then i guess thats just too bad, isnt it? this is COLLEGE, dears. you cant expect to be spoonfed and babied, the way you were in high school. and besides, we're all in the same boat, doing the same assignments, the same work, how do you think you would feel if you had to deal with someone else inconsiderately dumping their burdens when you have your own to take care of as well?

these people dont dare to stand up for themselves, dont dare to even TRY, how the holy smokes do they expect to get along? they ask me to help them tell the lecturers things when they themselves are sitting right in front of the lecturer, because they dont have the confidence to. and while i dont mind helping, i cant help feeling irritated at their lack of backbone. is it really so hard to open your mouth and say what you have to, instead of sitting there like a helpless fish flopping around out of the water?

honestly, i was really disappointed in this, cos i kinda expected people at this age to have a higher mentality. after all, arent colleges supposed to be "Institutions of Higher Education" ? judging from how things are now, i really think that my classmates back in high school had more intellectual qualities than some of the people around me now. i'm guessing that a lot of them thought that if they wanted an easy course without having to use their brains, masscom is the way to go. which sadly doesnt do any good for that infuriating perception that all masscommers are people who take that course because they arent good enough for anything else. im pissed that people think that way but i do concede that they have sound reason to believe so.

i guess i sound like a heartless cynical person here, but really, there was a solid reason why the saying "sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind" originated. if these people dont change and keep expecting to be coddled, i really dont see how they would even make it past this sem.

psst, dont worry. if you're capable of comprehending the amount of vocabulary garbage i just spewed out, you can be certain you're not one of the people i have in mind.

Monday, September 20, 2010


why, good evening, people. or should i say good morning?

its 4 in the morning again, and i dont know where to begin. (wow it rhymes :D) have an english test tomorrow but screw it, i was never one to break a sweat over a test on my fave subject. anyway, back to what i was saying.

i dont know where to begin. i dont know what happened.

theres this person, whom ive known vaguely for some time, as in we've seen each other around and stuff and know friends of friends, but never really knew as in knew each other. so i got to know him better since last year, we've been friends for quite a while and got pretty close a few months back. well, the closest ive ever been to someone i got to know better online. which isnt THAT close but oh well.

he was just fun to talk to and id throw the randomest crap at him, (lord knows, those of you who're familiar with me, i have mountains of nonsense to talk about :D) and he always found my jokes funny. we'd be  up late chatting, and still have stuff to talk about.

dont get me wrong, this was, IS a purely platonic situation, with nothing going on.

our conversations were interesting, and i viewed him as a nice guy whom i could confide in about stuff i wouldnt normally tell others.

but somehow...i dont know. some time back, i sensed that our convos were becoming more strained and stilted, with him not being comfortable with me? and of late, i have this feeling that im being avoided. and i think its weird. did i grow an extra nose? no. did i send him any kind of nonsense online, which would have made him uncomfortable? no. did i do anything out of the usual? no.

so what is going on? you tell me.

like i said, i dont get emotionally attached to people easily, and people who are close to me, know that i measure people up and down, left and right, and usually have a good idea of what they're like before even allowing myself to share anything of myself with them. i dont think this is an emotional situation. im not about to go all emo and weepy the way some girls do. i'm not mad, or even remotely upset, because people rarely have an impact of that extent on me.

however, i do find this odd, and am a little confused. we have cheery, funny conversations, and talked about stuff deeper than everyday chitchat, and a month ago, you suddenly pack up and run? what gives, man?

or maybe im just thinking too much. O.O maybe theres nothing out of the ordinary but im just being a whiny, oversensitive, emotional bitch here.

i'm fine here, really. :) just a little confused. if you happen to be reading this now, yes YOU whom im talking about, then do enlighten me. say something, anything! just give me the rationale behind the way you're acting right now so at least, in my mind's eye, i'd be able to know why you've been like this.

or if you're a casual passerby and might have any heads up on a situation similar to mine, do tell, because i'm dying to know.



yknow, i realised today that i havent been out in the sun for simply ages! looking back at the old times where it was a must for me to go out every evening to play basketball, compared to nowadays, if i do go out, all i do is run. and thats always in the really really early morning like 5.30am or late evening, 7pm.

looking back at my sun loving days where i was burnt as black as a berry, and i loved it! in the past, i despised all those females who slapped on layers of foundation, trying to make themselves as ghostly pale as possible, cos i thought it was horrifically ugly and used to think that having a healthy tan was the epitome of beauty.

but then i went to australia, where i saw hordes of young people clamouring to get bronzed and enjoying their superficial beauty for a short term of their youth, only to turn into wrinkly, scaly, bags and have terrible skin when they got older, and i now try to avoid the sun as i would the plague.

came across this as well. scary example of why we should avoid the sun as much as possible!

brigitte bardot, sex symbol of the 70's. 

she was so pretty! WAS.

she was famed for roles in which she wore as little clothes as possible and frolicked under the sun all the time, and look what that did to her O.O

see the UV damage already?

how about now?

well, you might say im being unrealistic and that everyone ages with time, but im guessing that if she hadnt run around in a bikini under the burning sun as much as she did, she might still look pretty good. like nicole kidman.

her in the 80s

a shot of her last year.

i guess all those women in saudi arabia or wherever have gotten the right idea when they go around like this

maybe i should get meself one of those too :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010


1. i don't swear, and i dont like people who do. the worst i'll go is 'bitch' and im sure that doesnt really count as a cuss word in our society now?

2. the only carbs i eat are those in the form of veggies. i love veggies!

3. i hardly wear jeans cos i think i look super duperly fat in them!

4. i love piercings and have a tongue piercing as well

5. i went on a rapid crash diet when i was younger, cos i had a serious weight problem. and i went from 56kgs to 39kgs in less than 8months! but im afraid ive gained most of it back :(

6. my wardrobe is full of dresses, skirts, and pretty tops. :)

7. i looooooove reading. im a readerholic! i read all the time, even when im eating, and sometimes when im bored and theres nothing to do i just read the labels of tins of food or instruction manuals. :)

8. i dont watch tv.

9. although i dont get emotionally attached to people easily, i cry like a baby when i watch emotional movie scenes!

10. i used to go for ballet classes when i was a kid.


11. when i was younger, i wanted to be a boy. in fact, i was so strongly convinced that id one day turn into one that, i'd try to pee standing up to prepare myself for that future exalted day. MUAHAHA stop laughing.

12. sometimes, i wish i lived in another country. and hey do you blame me? with our government rife with corruption, certain races given preference to others, and so on? im not saying i dislike our country, its just that sometimes, certain things which are run certain ways in our country, really really irk me.

13. i use my phone only once in a blue moon.

14. i've only started wearing makeup this year.

15. however independent and brusque i might appear to be, i still really like it when guys surprise me with sudden acts of chivalry, like opening a door for me or offering me their seat. :)

16. i love acoustic rock, R&B, classical music, the oldies, and pop.

17. i think that in our world, there are more good looking girls than there are good looking guys.

18. i think gays are awesome! they're a shopping buddy, fashion consultant, connect well emotionally with girls, they always look presentable, they shower regularly, dont cuss, and are still able to dish up the dirt on why guys act the way they do.

19. but i think lesbians are freaky.

20. even though i have plenty of good friends, i only have 2 best friends. i dont believe in having like 8 people as your best friend cos then, where would the 'best' in 'best friend' be?

21. half the time, i dont sleep at night. like now. its near 4 and im still doing this shizz.

22. in my lifetime, i have had 2 bunnies, 18 fishes, 4 budgies, and 4 tortoises as pets. none of them are alive and with me today O.O

23. when i was 4, i caught a lizard and wanted to keep it as my pet, and i thought the best place to keep a lizard would be in the cosy darkness of my mums wardrobe. no prizes for guessing whether my mum was happy with that arrangement.

24. i love animals.

25. the grossest thing ive ever eaten is a tarantula's leg. take that, fear factor!

Friday, September 17, 2010


does anyone even read this shizz anymore? anyone?

have been buried six feet under by mounting assignments, catchups, tests, and whatnot. any precious free time in between is used to have fun, meet up, yumcha, play ball, run, you name it, so i havent been updating as frequently as i used to. :(

it sucks that theres only 24 hours in a day and even then there's still so much to be done that those 24 hours arent enough, i cant do what i enjoy as often as i want to.

i really love blogging, i do. its my little hidey hole of solitude of which i can come to and offload and share everything and anything that is going through my mind. some people blog cos they wanna do business (blogshops), some blog cos it seems to be the 'in' thing now, and others do so because they want the world to know all their drama. 
i blog because its a passion. as with all other areas of masscom, i love writing as well. the ability to leave digital footprints of my life which i can trace back, and reach out to people i would otherwise never have the chance to get to know is awesome. and its really, REALLY, uplifting to have people coming to me and telling me "cheryl! i just want you to know that i read your blog ALL THE TIME, and i love it!" seriously guys, it means a lot to me and motivates me to come here, to this blank screen with this blinking blinker, and create posts filled with pictures and meaningless information which some reason, entertains and keep other people happy. :) i'm glad to know that people appreciate what i do here and actually take the time to read this.

right now i have to go polish up my IT assignment which is due in less than 72 hours. 
as for this blog, i will be back, trust me! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010



feel like major crap right now. :(
will get back to updating when i look a little less like this 

Sunday, September 12, 2010


justin bieber! 


i was never particularly interested in him, being more of an R&B and classical music kinda girl, so i ignored the guy with the annoying swishy haircut that all the other girls were going beserk over. see him on tv? change the channel. hear him on radio? next station. glossy magazine pages with his face on them? skip the pages. 
everything was cool and i was free from the clutches of bieber hype . for a while.

now, everywhere i turn, everywhere i go, everything i see, its all about justin bieber! his bieberness has expanded so hugely that unless we're talking about someone who's been living under a rock their whole lives, everyone alive has prolly heard of him by now.

i was surfing the net yesterday, and i came across this video!

mad hilarious!
it got more than 14million hits on youtube and whats totally awesome is that the host of some TV show saw it, and decided that this would be good publicity material. so he flew the whole family over to his studio, and they got to meet justin bieber and go to disneyland, all paid for by JB's company!

*pokes bro*
hey you! start crying about megan fox or whoever and make it look cute so that you'll get 14million hits on youtube so we can go to america and go to disneyland and meet her! 

Friday, September 10, 2010



havent blogged for 3days already. it feels weird cos updating this blog of mine here is something thats such a routine it feels weird when i pass up on doing so for too long.

but hmm yknow when you update for the sake of updating, you feel that its so monotonous, like you're just doing this cos you're supposed to do it? so maybe its for the best that i dont update EVERY SINGLE day, not if i have nothing in particular to say. like now. i dont think i have anything in particular to talk about. 
*twiddles thumbs* 
but i have to talk about something! or else this'll be just another narcissistic "oh i went here today did this today" blog post.
so what shall i talk about today? 
oh yeah i know!

i shall talk about this person! whom i super detest!

(rawr i got mojo to blog liau!)

her name's lin, and i shall refer to her here as The Lin Bitch!
yes, i can practically hear your questioning voices, going "why? why do you dislike her so much? she looks like such a nice, decent, proper person! you terrible cynical judgemental girl!"
just shut up and let me get on with my side of the story first, ok?

you see, just before i started college, i worked in this boutique for a little while, and she was my senior. 
and this is why i hate her so much : -

1. on the first day of my job, she told me where everything was displayed.i listened and everything, but im not a robot! so its not like i can remember every single thing she tells me for the first time, right? so as a boutique assistant, after the customers try on clothes, i have to hang them back on the racks. and during my first week, i still wasnt familiar with where everything was supposed to be, so i asked her

me : er, lin, baju ni hang kat mana?
TLB : baju ni? tak tau ke?
me :
TLB : baju ni, so obvious you tak tau? *gives me this 'oh for goodness sake you idiot* look
me : *scrambles away to try and find the place to hang it*

after a while...
me : eh lin, betul tak jumpa la
TLB : omg masih tak boleh cari lagi?! *gives me this frustrated stuck up "god you annoying stupid simpleton" look*
me : *looks at her helplessly*
TLB : wah, ok lah! next time you better jangan tanya lagi!

and this happened several times over the couple of months i worked there.

what the hell? i dont think anyone, ANYONE can remember where ALL the 100+ clothes in a boutique are supposed to hang if they were told just once, do you? and she treats me so annoyingly patronisingly, like 'oh gosh you dumb piece of shit, cant you remember when i told you that one time already on your first day? holy crap you're so stupid you freaking retard, you should be ashamed of yourself that you dont have the genius mental capacity to do so, so just watch the customers while i condescend myself to show you where that green shimmery dress is supposed to go'

2. she just hates it when the customers treat me nice and make conversation with me. they didnt talk as much to her cause emm, i dont know, i look friendlier and more open? cheh sendiri perasan :)
granted, im quite chatty as well and will continue any conversation initiated, but shes just so annoying! after the first few times in which the customers talked to me, she warned me not to talk to them any more save for discussing the clothes in the boutique.
but the next day, this couple came in and the woman tried on one of our cardigans with a dress of her own.

husband : thats a nice dress, isnt it?
me : yeah, i guess.
husband : its from canada!
me : oh really? thats nice!
husband : yup, we lived in the states for a while back in bla bla bla

and i couldnt go like yep ok just shuttup so obviously i had to stand there and smile and nod, and answer when he asked my questions right?
so after they'd left, TLB suddenly went, with this very very pissed face, "i'm damn angry with you! i already told you not to talk to the customers!"
and she proceeded to glower at me and give me the silent treatment for the rest of the day. 
childish shit.

3. she steals our sales! apparently she does this to every single staff there, and all of them, knowing this, check their sales at the end of every day. but me, not knowing, suffered having really sucky sales for the first month. after which, i confronted her one day after seeing that she recorded down an item valued at rm80 that id sold as her own.

me : lin, how come this rm80 sale is under you? and wheres that sale that i made of rm80?
TLB : eh, saya pun ada jual juga ok! *fakes indignance*
me : really? but then where's mine?
TLB : esok saya check bagi kamu

and the next day the sale was put under my name. lying twofaced cheater, if id never confronted her she'd just have kept on giving me her phony smile and keep on pretending like she was doing such a fantastic job with her own sales.

4. every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, she'd plant her huge ass on the comfy stool and go on facebook and whatever shit with her phone, and just order me around. BITCH! at first, being new, i just stuck it out, but as time went on i got wise to this. and she told me that we couldnt use the computer in the boutique to go online, but then whenever she thought i wasnt looking, she'd sneakily go on! and when she finished using, id go and prowl around the computer, trying to see if i could use it for a while as well, only to find that she'd disconnected it and hidden the modem! sneaky cow.

5. she steals customers too!

6. she's damn lazy! she'll tell me to do ironing, do this, do that, which granted, IS my duty to do as a staff of the boutique, and i dont mind doing it, but she always tell me to do stuff that SHE has to do as well so that she wont have to do her fair share of work! ANGRY!

7. she kept on comparing herself to me and calling me fat! childish and lame not?! i know im no kate moss, but come on, she's none too svelte herself! please lah in the boutique there are several large, full length mirrors, and she should go take a good look at herself in any one of them before calling other people names! at least i wear tank tops and minis and short dresses and not have people gasp at the fatness of me!
where else, her? HAH!

IF lah she's so proud of her skinniness and everything, pray may i ask, why doesnt she dress better? 

8. all her stupid boyfriend drama. =.= she always tells me about all these guys who're after her, saying that she has a lot of boyfriends and all, suck it! SO WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND??? SO WHAT I ASK YOU?????? IF la she's in such high demand, then why did every single one of her relationships end with the guy ending it? and she told me that in one of her relationships, the guy was such a parasite for her money, and broke it off with her in the end! and never even paid her back! wahaha loser please la dont come and try and lord it over me with the fact that i dont have a boyfriend with all your loserish pathetic boyfriends! SO WHAT IF I'M SINGLE?? I'D RATHER BE SINGLE THAN BE YOU!!! FOR THE RECORD, I'M HAPPY BEING SINGLE, than you? you arguing with your boyfriends over stupid childish issues (even though you're an adult already) and crying yourself in the staffroom?? oh SURE, i can see how much happier you are being attached and 'hot' in demand!!

9. her stupid penchant for camwhoring! yes i know this sounds very mean and judgemental but i cant help it! seeing her giving her widest, cheeriest, most attractive (or so she thinks) smile to her lousy camera phone every day! i mean, why? even i dont do that! she really really loves to take pictures! to the extent of asking ME to snap them for her sometimes! ok, if someone WERE really that attractive and all, i guess it wouldnt get under my skin so much. i mean, someone like HER

definitely has a lot to show off! but TLB?

seeing her repetitively, every day, ham it up for her lousy camera, i used to wonder why...and am still wondering.

dear readers, do you think this = attractive? or even averagingly ok?

for the life if me, i cant imagine why she'd even love the camera as much as she does.

worthy of the camera loving her? you decide for yourself!

AHHH!! feels good to finally get so much off my chest! havent been able to do so before as i was still working a few weeks ago so yep :)

so now that you people have heard me out, im sure you'll agree with me that she IS one of the biggest (literally) bitches ever!
 but if you disagree then suck it, i'm sure i wouldnt like you anyway! :P 

for those of you who've known where i worked, i hope this doesnt reflect badly on the boutique! for the record, my employer was ze bestest, most understanding person! and the other staff were really nice and friendly, it was just TLB i had a problem with!

well i guess i'll end here, but not without leaving TLB a message!

hey, you. yes, YOU. if you're reading this, then, good! first of all, you suck! you work in a job which isnt even remotely prestigious, and you lord it over all the new staff,!because, JUST BECAUSE, you have that pathetic puny bit of recognition and acknowledgement given to you as one of the senior staff, you wanna abuse it cos there's no other area in your life you'd be able to pick on others without getting hit one back! you abuse your power and make everyone miserable just so you can feel good about yourself! well just screw it, cos you are nothing! you're just some pathetic person that everyone puts up with cos no one else would wanna do your job for long. us? me and all the other staff there? we're all going to college, moving our way up into the world, moulding a place for ourselves in life one day! but you? you'll still be stuck in your muddy rut back down there, tied down your 10hours a day job, unable to have a life or move on! and we sure as hell wont think of you when we're up there!

p.s. on a sidenote, she unfriended me on facebook! yes, a nice, friendly, sweet girl like me! i wonder why? :D

yes i know im childish, got a problem? piss off and leave my blog, i sure as hell wont miss you! :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


finally, the holidays are here! sooo...i wanna : -

go running!
play badminton!
play basketball with more different people!
stay up all night!
watch endless hours of tv series e.g. glee, gossip girl
buy makeup!
learn how to actually wear makeup properly!
eat sinful rubbishy foods - chocolate mudcake, icecream, pastries, mounds of cheesy spaghetti, mince pies, burgers, waffles
learn how to play tennis!
learn how to play frisbee!
get more money!
hang out with new friends :)
catch up with old ones :)
procrastinate on doing everything else

i need to : -

finish my assignments :(
catch up on sleep
practice piano more often
read the bible more
loose weight!
save money :S
read all my textbooks to follow up on what i've been learning in college
get everything done, PRONTO.

so many things i want to do vs. so many things i need to do. 
prioritising is a pain in the asscrack. (cos pain in the ass is so common so i came up with my own version ; pain in the asscrack :D )

Monday, September 6, 2010


blogging cause thats what people who own a blog do :)

went to Empire after church today with my family. we headed for Lex, uncle eddie's shop at the top floor. btw, uncle eddie is a church friend and his son joshua was my friend in youth.

mum and dad :)

pleasant interior

thought that we'd try out the cafe run by joshua :)

and as you'd prolly know if you read my blog often enough, i never eat first before snapping pictures of my eats. so if you dislike looking at pictures of food, take your sorry self elsewhere. :D

sister's carbonara. those brownish red crackly looking things on top are bacon bits.

i've actually eaten this before, when joshua prepared it for refreshments after church. from my take, the one i ate in church was way better. maybe cause then, we could take as much cheesy sauce as we liked to go with the pasta? it was still quite nice, just that the version i had in church was better.

dads mushroom soup. this is good stuff! 

i've never really liked mushroom soup cos most of the time, what you get in pizza hut or wherever is some fake, chock full of flavouring concoction which was most probably what they poured out of a premade tin of soup. to me, that kinda mushroom soup is boring, bland, tastes floury and just plain sucks. but this one, wow! its really really fresh and bursting with flavour and goodness. comes with a piece of garlic bread for dipping.

mum's hainan chicken rice.
its so cool that theyve shaped the rice just like the famous malaccan chicken riceballs! tastewise, it tastes just like ordinary chicken rice, but two thumbs up for presentation!

bro's burger. definitely the best dish we on the table that day!

the burger patty was thick and luscious, not the sorry excuses of wafer thin cuts of which the people at some eateries have the gall to proclaim as burger patties, with barbecue sauce drizzled on top, lettuce and a generous slice of cheese thrown in. comes with a large serving of chewy, yummy fries as thick as the finger you give to people who overtake you in the fast lane without warning :D 
mmm yummy

bro looking mighty pleased with his burger. look at how big the fries are!

there's also a big new attraction at Empire, owned by uncle eddie!

you might think its 'just a slide', but..

it goes on for four floors wheee!

sis and i walked around after that and i was tired and wanted to sit down, so we walked into this restaurant called 'Teh Tarik Place'.

was drawn to their rattan chair-hammocks suspended from the ceiling, but they looked so precariously dangerous! i could just imagine plonking my huge ass down on one and ripping the whole thing out from the hook it was attached to. not a pleasant thought.

me : waiter, is it safe for me to sit in this chair?
waiter : yes, dont worry, its very secure and very safe.
me : wah, you sure ah? what if the whole thing collapses cos im too fat?
waiter : dont worry lah, i assure you that wont happen.
me : so if anything happens and i damage this chair cos im too fat, im gonna tell them that you told me it was safe and you'll pay for it ok?
haha :)

a picture of me sitting in the abovementioned chair.
gosh i look so self conscious and uncomfortable O.O

bought some stuff from sasa, cos they were having a promotion.

ok thats it thankyou bye! :D