Tuesday, August 31, 2010


nothing beats spending quality time with the ones closest to you :)

went to usj9 Murni's a few days ago with arief and ben. what the hell, cant understand what all the hoo hah is about it. like, when we walked in, there were a bunch of kids there, with cameras all snapping away.

whats the big deal? its certainly a step up from an ordinary mamak, but not to an extent that id bring in the DSLRs O.O

i mean, yes, the food isnt bad, but nothing that'd make me go WOW, it wasnt very clean, and from what i experienced, service was pretty shitty. the water that they gave me was freakin TAP WATER. what do you mean how can i be so sure? filtered water doesnt have bits of unknown stuff floating about in it, and doesnt taste funny!

arief's roti scrambled, which was just ok

ben waited and waited and waited till the cows came home for his order, nasi USA. and when it came, it was kinda sucky. it was ice cold and totally gross. just one look at the egg and you know its one thats been sitting there for like half a day?

anyway, he shoveled one spoonful into his mouth, and promptly spat it out.
"eeyuck! what the hell?"

apparently, they didnt even cook the prawns. and when i say 'didnt even cook', i dont mean the prawns not being cooked properly. i mean like, prawns exactly the ones you see in the wet market, sitting there on ben's plate kinda not even cooked.

did i say kinda sucky? make that TOTALLY sucky =.=
and everyone's waxing lyrical about murni's saying its so awesome and all that? i dont get it.

ben expressing his disgust haha :)

went to the park after that, just chilling and talking the rest of the night.

playing on the swings :)

went for dimsum brekkie the next morning with family.

dad, mum, bro

om nom nom

lou mai kai.

and, just interjecting a random thought here, i realise that, most of, if not all of my life, is laid out here for you people to read and dissect. yes i lead a boring life i know. i dont get into scandals, i dont have a boyfriend, (still single and available!! any guys interested? preferably hot and rich!! WAHAHA JUST KIDDING :D) i get along fine with almost everyone, my family doesnt really have any problems, i dont go clubbing, sleep with ppls bfs, get into bitchfights and all that.

 people ask me, what do you talk about on your blog? and i answer them "anything and everything" and they're like "you sure? no one reveals EVERYTHING one their blog!"

well all i can say is... if NO ONE reveals everything on their blog, then i must be.. SOME ONE.
OMG lame i know.
night! :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


someone is being a very hardworking blogger all of a sudden! where's my round of applause?
just kidding. :)

beautiful shot of the sky on the way to church today. 

pretty much talked out from all the blogging ive been doing so much more lately, so i think ill make this more of a phlog.

the youth went to A&W to chill instead of having bible study, yay!

A&W waffles are mad huge and yummy! and freaking cheap too! i once ordered one for myself when i was out with friends some time back cos i didnt feel like ordering a whole set and eating too much but, the irony of it, i could only manage to finish a quarter of my waffle.

not minee!

not mine either!! 
persevering in trying to loose weight. :D

my dear youth leader michael fun

lol my sis looks so disgusted here at i dont know what

i look really crappy and tired. :S

i have this deep rooted belief that, the curlier the onion ring, the yummier it is, :)

wrapping up this post with an extremely cute picture of something i saw on the way home.


Friday, August 27, 2010


blog updates 3days in a row woots!

ancient photo of aileen and i, taken 2years ago? gosh i miss her :)

so, at a risk of sounding stuckup / self assumptous / bitchy / you name it, recently, i've been experiencing a spike in attraction from the opposite gender. (yes go ahead and call me all the names you want and leave my blog now biotches)

but for those of you who are still reading, here's why.

the other day, i was hanging out in pyramid, waiting for my dad to pick me up since i couldnt be arsed to take the bus home again. since chaichi had left to have dinner with her sister, i was alone, not that i minded.
walked into this small accessory shop and when i say small, i mean small. it was cramped and there was hardly any space to move about. i walked in, without realizing that this dude had followed me in.

he mustve been 24? 25? and was well built and athletic, pretty muscular actually. when i saw him, i thought he was just another customer there to browse, but he came up close behind me and kept saying "hey, how are you" "can i call you" =.=

thought it was high time to leave, so i turned and tried to get past him. but like i said, the shop was really cramped, and the idiot wouldnt move to let me through, so i had to squeeze past him, and when i was doing so, he grabbed my arm roughly and said "GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER"

terrified, i pulled away and yelled "NO!" and proceeded to practically pull an usain bolt out of asian avenue.

it doesnt sound like much now but believe me, it was really scary at that time.

was waiting for the bus some time last week, when this indian dude who was fat, balding and with stained teeth practically old enough to be my FATHER pulled up on a motorbike and asked if i could give him my number. i just looked in the other direction and ignored him, and thankfully, he went off.


it was 9.45pm and i was with my sister waiting for my mum to pick me up from the bus stop a coupla months ago. this young guy on a bike pulled up and asked me if i knew the way to ss12. he looked pretty decent, so i went and told him "you pergi jalan sini, pusing sana etc etc" but he kept on shaking his head and saying "tak tau, tak tau"

he then started mumbling something to me, and i was like "what?" at the same time going closer to try and catch what he was saying. he responded with more mumbled words =.= and i cant believe i was gullible enough to go even closer to try to comprehend the rubbish he was whispering to himself.

he then said "you tolong saya tunjuk jalan" and i was like "ya la tadi sudah cakap" and he said "no no, you datang dengan saya tolong" at the same time gesturing for me to get on the bike. i was like =.= "NO"  wth he mustve thought i was stupid, but wait, it gets better.

he then intervened desperately "saya kasi wang" and i was like "whattt????" but he apparently was too stupid to interpret my tone correctly since he said "RM200. ok?" and i went "NO!" and showing even more of his stupidity, raised it to "RM500, boleh?" i immediately stepped away, telling him to get lost, and thank God, my mum showed up at that exact moment, causing him to scram faster than pirated DVD sellers being chased by cops.


and when we got home...

sisjie what the hell leh! why u go so close to that guy?
me : oh the idiot pretending to ask for directions and asked me to help all this crap, but i said no la. why so scared?
sis : jie!! he was a FLASHER la you didnt realise?
me : ha? yameh?
sis : ya la omg!! he went and unzipped and you didnt notice and he some more go spread his legs so big want you to see you didnt see! i saw and i was just like wth so scared!!
me : ...well what an idiot to pick me of all people to flash at. wasted la his balls, i didnt even notice. :D


so much attention, all of it unwanted, all of it negative. well theres more actually but since i dont like posting up overly wordy posts, i guess i'll just save it for another day. 

till then :)

p.s. i know this post might make me come off as some conceited, self-loving snob who parades around thinking 'i'm all that', and if you do conclude that, well then, thats up to you. but honestly, im not. im just posting this post cause the sheer absurdity of my misfortune of my encounters prompted me to do so.


finally, the fourth installment of the massively popular Resident Evil movies will soon be showing in cinemas!


so, in the wake of Umbrella Corp's genetic experiments, they have produced minions of mindless, flesh devouring zombies which joyfully chase after the few remaining humans left on earth with the intention of having them for their next round of noms. :)

EEYURGH...we want your thighs...EEEYURGH

while these creatures are hounding people down at their doorsteps, Umbrella Corp is doing nothing but to sit back and twiddle its thumbs.

tsk, tsk. this is unacceptable. Umbrella Corp has to take responsibility for their actions. but how? if i were Alice, i dont think just guns would get me all that far. O.O

so how? i know!

i'll employ the two hottest creatures which are all the rage at the moment!

i'll unleash my army of sparkly, tree-climbing, glowy, pale white vampires on them! sounds good, no?

the vampires'll suck the hell outta them and devour them alive!

and if that's not enough, i'll bring in the big guns and get the werewolves to chip in. :D

one look at jacob's crazy ripped bod and im sure that'll be enough to drive them away. or else, they'd certainly scram fast enough if they saw what he looks like when the full moon rolls around!

hell yeah dont mess with us, zombies! or else my gang of werewolves and vampires will make you pay!


so as i mentioned in my previous post, caught Step Up 3 last wednesday!

watched the movie for free, thanks to Advertlets!

had no one to go with till the last minute, when i was having a bite at snowflake with the college mates and announced that i had a pair of invites and did anyone want in?

yong loon, who's in the same course as me.

the long line of bloggers waiting to for their tickets. we got there early though, before the crazy long queue started, snapped up our tickets, and had dinner at subway while waiting for the movie to start.

my eyes look so unsymmetrical in the pic below! :(

anne, a friend of yong loon. she's a makeup artist btw!
spent like an hour with her in sasa fawning over all their merchandise and lovely perfumes :)

our tickets.

saw ellie there, whom the last time i saw was when i was in standard1? she's my classmate's elder sister

when she saw me she was like "CHERISH MOY SU-GRACE!! Hiiii!!"

was so surprised that she still remembered who i was, even though i go by the name CHERYL now. btw, ellie owns the blog missycheerio.com, and is one of advertlets most popular bloggers!

whoops fail shot :)

bumped into eric soong, the blackberry pimp (lol that sounds wrong) there as well.

he's really nice! 
and he has a slang too, which surprised me! i dont mean anything by it, but when i first saw his pic in shinyee's blog i thought he'd be like some typical chinese dude who peppers his speech with "lahs" and "mahs" and takeis at cybercafes and goes for yumchas at mamaks at night with his kakis.

lol i know i dont make sense X)

the cinema before the screening!


so how was the movie?

well, i thought that the dance moves were REALLY awesome

sharni vinson has ONE HELL OF A HOT BOD. 
*turns green with envy*

best movies ever step up 3d
seriously look at her perfectly sculpted abs and amazing physique wth i wanna body like that! XD

wow look at her shake that thang :D

and rick malambri is awesomely cute too

but all those mushy emotional lovey dovey issues werent my cup of tea. the chemistry between natalie and luke seemed to be really forced and unnatural.

it just dragged in so much romantic baggage which, in my opinion, did not go well AT ALL with the general flow of the movie. and the porous, totally predictable plot, made this movie just another run-of-the-mill movie, with another typical storyline.

the verdict?
if you're a big fan of dance and can stand all the sappy romantic issues that goes on in between, well by all means, go right ahead and jump in! but if you're looking for a movie with good substance and a well thought out storyline with exciting, entertaining scenes, i suggest you look elsewhere. :)

i guess it was bearable and i wouldnt say it totally sucked, but it wasnt anything to shout about either.

some of the guys started clowning round after coming out from the cinema :D

showing off their dance moves too :)

dont think you can spot me, but go ahead and try anyway. :)

and..ending this post with a totally fail pic of me!

sheesh i look so fat! didnt even realise i was in a picture X(

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


hellow wellow!! :D

went to pyramid the other day with my sis for some major retail therapy. man, ive spent sooooo much money this year compared to previous years! not just spending money on shopping i mean, on everything else! food (cos im in college and now have to take care of my own food when im out), transport (been going so many places this year!) etc.

me and sis at pyramid. havent gone out with her for the longest time! havent been to pyramid for what felt like a gazillion years too! i remember only a few months ago, before i started college, i'd be bumming around pyramid all the time, like it was my 2nd home!

i used to love people watching there, at McD's with a big cup of refillable diet coke and a magazine, just looking at people passing by and imagining things to myself. sometimes the people passing by would remind me of something funny, and i'd just smile to myself. and i bet the world would think what the hell was wrong with this girl, sitting there alone grinning from ear to ear like a maniac. :D

anyway, grabbed a coupla things from kitschen ; a skirt and another tank top.

headed to ilovebazaar at subang parade after that and finally got a necklace timepiece from rose-handmade, yay!

rm30 :)
have been wanting to get one like forever but had a hard time finding one! and for the ones which i knew were available at forever21, cotton on, diva, etc, was unwilling to part with the rm59++ that they demanded of me.

am so glad to have finally gotten one which is cheaper than the ones ive seen at diva, cotton on, and forever21, plus its much nicer to boot! :D

looky look, i have 5 tank tops of different colours in my wardrobe! one for every day of college harhar :)

plus the green one which is now being washed :) 
tanks are just so versatile and comfy!

anyway! am going to catch the premiere of step up 3D for free tomorrow night, courtesy of advertlets! :D

New York’s intense street dancing underground comes alive in eye-popping Digital 3D in the third instalment of the STEP UP franchise as the raw, passion-fuelled culture goes global. A tight-knit group of street dancers, including Luke (RICK MALAMBRI) and Natalie (SHARNI VINSON), team up with NYU freshman Moose (ADAM SEVANI), and find themselves pitted against the world’s best break-dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.
ADVERTLETS Movie Screening Details

DATE : 25th August 2010 (Wednesday)

TIME : 8pm
VENUE : Tropicana City Mall – Hall 3 (150 seats) 

yay yay cant wait havent watched a movie for such a long time already!
gotta run gotta run! 
toodles! :D