Monday, May 31, 2010


so as i mentioned earlier, here's a proper update of my time in kuantan with joy! they'll be broken up into a few parts cos there's just too many pics.

last monday, my dad fetched me to joy's apartment in ampang. he had to meet a client first so i tagged along.
hub of the city

camming while waiting for my dad in the car. :)

got to joy's, and her apartment is like really nice! overlooks the whole of kl, and you can see the twin towers and kl tower from there. :)

view from her apartment.

spent a night at her house, and we left for kuantan the day after.

stopped by at bukit tinggi for breakfast. :)

kwon lou mee with char siew, which was something like wantan mee but with a tougher texture.

joy! :)

bukit tinggi. it was really small and apparently its like a famous tourist makan place, with all the people from kl who're travelling to the east coast of the penisula stopping by for eats. i think like prolly 80% of the buildings there were restaurants wth.

reached kuantan and dropped our stuff at joy's aunt's place, where we were staying. we then went to east coast mall, which wasn't bad by kuantan standards i guess, but was kinda small for kl standards. i'd say it was about the size of subang parade.
seriously it was quite ok. i mean, they had big apple donuts, levi's, sasa, starbucks, the body shop, GSC cinemas, baskin robbins, padini, KFC, quiksilver, MNG (that outlet was quite big) and lots of other shops. they had a rotiboy too!

but no MCD :(

there was a Brands Outlet there too.
fuiyo so many shoes. it was so ironic that i'd never even heard of Brands Outlet before i came to kuantan.

her dad picked us up after that for dinner, and we passed by all these open air plazas. i think they wanted to start like little indias and chinatowns in kuantan too, from what i saw.

malay town!


india town! 
sounds weird as compared to little india :S

went to this restaurant for dinner with the neighbours, whom joy's aunt and dad had invited along.
alor akar seafood restaurant, which was like any other typical chinese dinner restaurant, albeit much cleaner and with better service and staff.

munching on peanuts while waiting for the food to arrive.
that baby in the pic is the neighbour's kid, and he's so cute! he's half angmoh.

ok OMG wtcrap GAWSH in my opinion, this was the absofreakinglutely the best dish on the table that night! 
fried tofu with minced beef, parsley and pickled cabbage! yums!! :D

steamed garoupa.

this dish is called 'beggar chicken'. which i found very interesting. 
it's chicken broiled with herbs and joy loved it! im ok with herbs, but i wouldnt exactly choose it over a steak, if you catch my drift.

headed to teluk cempedak after dinner.

this is the more commonly visited beach. shuying told me to go to teluk cempedak2, which was more secluded and private. 

i saw a walkway by the rocks to the left leading to goodness knows where and i wanted to go there cos it looked so intriguing, but there wasnt enough time. shuying later told me that that was the way to go to TC2. totally missed the opportunity. oh well.

pics we took by the beach. :)

our silhouettes on the sand.


this is so cute. spot the little kid playing hide and seek with goodness knows who. :)

we went to some waterfront after that, which was like an inlet from the ocean.

captured on slow shutter speed with my canon. im surprised its so clear, the pic makes it look like its daytime when the surroundings were actually shrouded in night time darkness.


and then we encountered...the grisly scene of a hit and run!!
haha just kidding(about the hit and run). they certainly looks like the scene of one, dont you think?
but seriously i wonder how those objects came into such positions O.O

how odd.

Friday, May 28, 2010


hiya! :D
sorry for being AWOL, but i have my good reasons for being so!
i'm going out in a while so here's what i did in a nutshell first to entertain you guys.

will do a proper update when i'm available :)

for the past few days, i was in

thats right, kuantan!

with joy :)
who was so nice to invite me along!

did lots of fun stuff while i was there (including waking at up 3.30am to climb a mountain but more on that later)

and had lots of eats! :D
well if you read my blog often enough you'll know that i never EVER eat out at nice places without taking pics first :)

had kwon lou mee with charsiew at bukit tinggi, pahang.  

banana leaf rice with fish that was bursting with freshness
keep reading for updates! :)

on a side note, i'm going to the digi break free party tomorrow night! and i'm one of the 100 lucky bloggers who're in the running to win a blackberry 9700!!

click to see my submitted blog post!

blackberry 9700 i want i want i want!!
*jumps up and down*
crosses fingers as hard as i can. crosses toes and crosses eyes too. :)

the party is gonna be held at ecoba, damansara perdana.

pics of the interior.
indoor restaurant 

alfresco dining area.

please oh please lord, grant onto me the blackberry 9700. 

wish me luck!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


something really dumb happened today. a few months ago when i went to temerloh for a mission trip, we met this guy by the name of xx. so we got chatting (obviously when you go for a mission trip you have to interact with the people there) and he found out that i loved running, basketball, and eating.

he said i was different and special, bla bla bla. i smiled politely in acknowledgement. everyone exchanged phone numbers and i've never been back since, much less kept in touch with anyone. (which isn't so good if you wanna make a profound impact on a mission trip. but i digress)

then 2hours ago..

*phone beeps with message*
me : rolls over on the bed and looks at the screen with half-opened eyes.

new message says -
xx : i love you my life cannot live without you.

my reply -
me : ?

haha i know its kinda mean but whatever lah! i find it so stupid that people who dont really know me do things like this! stupid, annoying, immature, lame, you name it! ;)

cos seriously, if you dont know me, how then, can you profess to 'love' what you dont know? that just shows that you're not sincere / mature enough to take time to get to know something better before saying your 'i dos' lol.

oh yeah and speaking of 'i dos' :)

i was talking to jess at a recent wedding, commenting on how pretty the bridesmaids were.

jess : of course the bride would pick pretty bridesmaids lah! then she'd look even prettier standing among all of them! y'know, bagai bulan dipagari bintang? if a girl stands among pretty girls she will look the same!

me : *ponders upon this statement for a while* but, if you're standing among pretty people, wouldnt you look just normal among them? what, its true! like, if you look at a rose in a bunch of roses, it wouldnt look or smell any different! but if you were to put that same rose in lets say, a bunch of durians, it'd look and smell a hell lot better! :D

so when imma bride i'd pick all the average okok looking girls as bridesmaids so that i'd look wow! XD

flat chested ; check!
so that i'd look like i have vavavoom assets :D

morbidly overweight ; check!
cos since im abit round too, surrounded my people as erm..big sized as that, i'd look damn skinny! :D

thick hips, seductive shade of green, wide face, flat nose ; check check check! :D
(ignore the potentially appealing auburn hair)
all right, my checklist for bridesmaid recruits is all set and ready to go!

i'll tell you who'd NOT be on my list.

can you imagine having her as your bridesmaid? all the pics the photographer took (assuming the photographer is a male) would be of her! and all the attention on her!

yes i want all the attention to be on me, me, ME on my wedding day. anything wrong with that? having a megan fox as my bridesmaid would undoubtedly ruin my day.



haha. i've heard the advisory phrase 'to plan ahead' a million times already, so that's exactly what i'm doing here! :D

now no one can say that giving advice to me is akin to poring water on a duck's back! i so totally know what i want my future bridesmaids to look like already!

oh no but what if in the future all my girlfriends look like this D:

the horror!
*scratches head, is momentarily stumped*

an ingenius solution arises!
i'll get them all to do this! :D

haha lol I'M JUST KIDDING. do NOT be offended if i ask anyone of you reading my blog to be my bridesmaid in the future!

the speed at which my imagination runs wild amuses me :)

oh yeah something really weird just floated up on google just now when i was googling flat girls for the above pic.

how can THIS come out when i'm googling flat girls?!! thats like the total complete opposite of flat! 
swt swt swt =.="
and that is just WRONG yo. im assuming those are implants cos duh, those just dont look natural.
who in the world in their right mind would get implants the size of THAT? thats crazy!

haha but very useful if by any occasion she were to be assaulted, she could use her boobs to slap the guy around! or even use them to tie a knot around the guy's neck and strangle him!

or or OR, she could use them as a shelf to prop things up in front of her! thinking lying on a bed of pillows with a book in front of her and a cup of coffee clamped firmly between her cleavage (which would be akin to the depth of valleys of the mountains in the himalayas i bet) and she could conveniently take a sip and clamp it right back!

the possibilities are endless. but i have to say, i wonder how someone like that shops for bras. O.O

p.s.  this post is pure bullcrap and frivolous fun. it doesnt mean i think i'm hot or any other nonsense. i dont mean to offend anyone, but if i did, my apologies.


pyramid today after church! initially was supposed to go with my sis, but she backed out. so i tarik-ed crystal to go with me, and my sis changed her mind and decided to tag along at the last minute.

a candid :)
lol me and crystal laughing at something random

my sis and i

we went to forever21, cos i saw them having some cute v-necked short sleeved tees for only rm19 and i wanted to get one.

but then i saw this!

hmm the colour looks weird in this pic. i know it looks kinda orangey but the original colour is more like deep pink.
and it was like super super SUPER cheap too!

if u ask me how much i dont wanna say, cos erm, paiseh lah.
ok i admit im a huge cheapo, but i prefer to call it 'being a smart and savvy consumer' :D i could scour like a whole mall for an entire day looking for the best items at the best prices. 

i dont care if its 'only' a difference of like, rm20, i'd still walk the whole day looking for it! rm20's still money y'know!

so yeah i bought this dress cos it was so ohmygoodness cheaapp.

abit big, but i dont care, super cheap. and i know how to sew so i can alter it! :)