Tuesday, March 30, 2010


before i came to aussie, i remember jess, charis and sophia telling me NOT TO GO to underwater world cos they said it was mad boring. so during the past 1week when i was here, i just declined whenever uncle jon and auntie suileng suggested it. and anyway i thought i'd have seen all the fishes there were to see in the australian oceans when i watched Finding Nemo XD

but they kept on encouraging me, and after a week, i thought that it would be a good idea to see as much of aussie as i can while i'm here.


the entrance of H20 world. well actually the building is really big and it occupies a huge sprawling area, but i didnt get a proper shot of it.

no idea what this is, but i got to touch it and it feels so smooth and spongy.

a wallpaper. pretty cool!


ok this is super cool a car made into an aquarium


baby shark! with the yolk sac still attached. it grows smaller and smaller as they feed on it and get bigger, then the sac disappears altogether.

yes i am acutely aware and conscious of the fact that there have been like a hundred pics of me in this same dress already. i'm so lazy. should probably start digging around in my suitcase for different clothes.

 or else when others see the pics of my time in aussie they'll be thinking "doesn't this girl have any other clothes or is she just too indifferent about her appearance to care that she wore the same thing for 3weeks" XD

our tickets

otter show. the otters were freakin adorable! :D

holy cow i know whats a swordfish but i've never seen a SAWFISH.



mr. jaws flashes a mouthful of white razor sharp teeth for the camera.
potential colgate commercial candidate, yathink?

i like my hair in this pic. it looks so sleek and straight :) as oppsed to its usual state of being wavy and voluminous


wow their necks are so long


aww man i think its really so cute

sea grub. lives on the oceans floors in the dark murky depths.

giant crab.
another inhabitant of the ocean depths.

i hate being short!
im so envious of taller people cos they look good in most clothes, are able to carry off some extra pounds without it being obvious, they have long legs and do better than short people in most sports. except hide and seek.

oh, and they are also able to reach the top shelves in supermarkets.
grumble grumble.
my conclusion on underwater world? well its certainly not what jess, charis and sophia led me to believe it would be! it was really quite cool and interesting :)
 thanks for bringing me there auntie suileng

had pizza for dinner.
OMG and the pizza here is freaking AWESOME as compared to the pizza in msia! msia pizza is so pathetic and looks like bread as compared to australian pizza.
(frowns at those stingy idiots who run the dominos and pizza huts of msia)

freaking huge and AWESOME!
heaps of shredded bacon, beef, and chicken heavily blanketed by a thick layer of melted cheese, upon a chewy thin base.

i'm imagining being back in msia. sitting in front of a domino's pizza thinking how pathetic that they scrape on a meagre amount of ingredients and have the gall to call it a pizza. and envisioning the delicious pizza that i had in australia. i think i would burst into tears there and then. :'(

uncle jon's family is coming tonight! they'll be staying with us for a few days. lishan and i have moved out to the lounge so that they can have her room.

auntie suileng is cooking beef rendang now! the smell is wafting throughout the house and reminds me of my mum's kitchen back at home when she cooks. :)


auntie suileng cooking

where lishan and i will be sleeping for the next few days.

the collins family :)

Monday, March 29, 2010


a few random quotes. they just surfaced in my head and i think they really do say something :)

"I'd rather have a moment of something than a lifetime of nothing."

"Sometimes when people ask me "Are you ok?" I reply "Yeah I'm fine" cos thats just what you're supposed to say."

"I'd rather people dislike me for being myself than like me for being a phony"

NOT EMOING OK. :) just random thoughts that popped into my mind.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


watched The Sound Of Music last night with lishan!! ahh, just brings back all the memories and nostalgic feelings of old. :)

while we were watching, zeus was sleeping on the beanbag, and he was snoring! how cute is that? i didnt know cats snored :D

so we went to the DFO in brisbane today to SHOP!! and omigosh i tell you the prices there were mad mad cheap!!
cotton on!!

gila, there were $3 dresses, shorts and tops there

roxy purses! and they only cost $7-12! CARISA MOY you'd better be grateful because one of them will be going to you when i get home. see which one is the nicest? well that is the one you'l be getting. its so gorgeous that in fact i wanted to get the same one but didnt in the end >.<


mega !!!!!!!!!!

went to brisbane city after that for makan. actually auntie suileng wanted chinese cos apparently chinese food is like super rare and high class in aussie. she was so semangat about getting lou mai kai, but then she asked me what i wanted. and since here in msia you have kopitiams everywhere so..i said i wanted anything but chinese

so we walked around and went into this lebanese restaurant

auntie suileng and uncle jon deciding what to order

me and lishan.
SOS wtcrap i look so fat. better do something about it. =.="

auntie suileng and uncle jon. lol he looks so stoned. XD

food! time for me to do my thang XD

combo platter.

the bar

the lounge

went sight seeing around brisbane after that

brisbane's chinatown! but its like so deserted. i think it probably is more alive at night.

if im not mistaken, thats the oldest church in aussie.

lishan snapping pics

we went to the botanic gardens after that, super nice wei! beside the brisbane river :)

i seriously think i look like crap.

lishan! :D

the collins family, sans daniel and alex

the riverbank

the botanic gardens! no kidding, its freaking huge and bee-yoo-tee-full. :)

uncle jon, lishan. :)

 the bamboo glade! so pretty!! :D

i thought it would be kinda boring but seriously the botanic gardens were so beautiful. crazy varieties of green plant life spanning for acres and acres, beautifully landscaped and neatly trimmed and well kept.

aunite suileng and lishan on candid.

awww :'D

lishan trying her hand at artistic photography :)


my buys!! well actually some of the stuff in the pic are from the plaza the other day, its just that lishan thought it would be nicer if i spread everything out.

wanted to go surfing tomorrow but uncle jon has work. so auntie suileng is taking me to check out underwater world. hopefully it'll be interesting. :)