Wednesday, December 22, 2010



just a typical example of me being me :D

anyhoo, went to pyramid (since when am i not there, anyway?) today. picked up a coupla things from The Face Shop.

nail polish and sparkly eyeshadow.

i've always wanted to get an eyeshadow set to do the smokey eye look. this eyeshadow was initially rm40, but with 40% discount.

considering the quality, i think it's quite cheap! even elianto's eyeshadow is like, erm, 25+, i think? i think that the loreal ones are quite nice too, but they're so small, and what's more, are going for like rm40+?

the salesgirl was really nice and even helped me to line my eyes the way i've always wanted to but never knew how.

and i found it queer that today, pyramid was kinda empty, which was a relief. but funny! it's the holidays, and only 3 days away from christmas. i half expected to have to wade through a sea of bodies just to move around.

went to the loo and it was empty.
hence, camwhore time!

teehee :D

yorrr my face damn fat can -__-

and i finally got a nice bag too! at HALF PRICE some more yay. it's big, but not overwhelmingly so, i can carry it as a sling as well, and it's gray with gold buckles and really pretty but cant show you guys how it looks cos the salesgirl gave me a new one all still wrapped up in plastic so i guess that you have to wait until the first time i use it.


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