Thursday, December 16, 2010


its 2.30am now, im heading off to youth camp in a few hours, but here i am, sitting in front of the lappie and blogging. i actually wasnt planning on blogging today, but then i realized... "4 days at camp, and i wont be getting any blogging done at all then!"

so here i am, blogging a short entry out just before i leave for camp.

went to kampar last week with my parents and bro for a short trip.

me in the car. 
gosh, why do i look so pale and tired?

got this month's Cleo to keep myself occupied on the journey.

we stopped by bidor for some eats.

my family's dry duck noodles and wan tan mee.

my meal, a serving of cauliflower and a few pieces of chicken.

fyi, i dont eat carbs. so rice, bisuits, noodles, bread, potatoes, etc, are off my diet. unless of course, its something yummeh, like a cadbury bar or a chocolate chip cookie. then i'll make an exception. :)

at the coffee shop, there were many different types of pastries and baked goods available, and i saw these oddly shaped, molehill-looking things.

yknow what they remind me of?

haha!! see the likeness? :D

and i saw these too.

apparently they're called wife cakes, and there's a story behind the reason why they're named as such.
cant remember the whole thing in detail, but here's the gist of it.

in olden china, there lived a poor husband. they were so poor that the husband sold his wife off in order to stay alive. (what an asshole) with the money from the sale of his wife, he bought baking utensils and ingredients, and started making a living from baking and selling cakes, which he called wife cakes. business was good, until one day he had enough money to buy his wife back. they then lived happily ever after.

what a bullcrappy story. why, if i had a boyfriend who wanted to sell me off in order to pay off his debts to some ahlong or whatever, i'd tell his sorry ass goodbye and good riddance. :D

but i digress. on with the post.

we reached kampar at dusk, when the sun was setting.

a rainbow!

the sun had already set, but its remaining rays still gave the sky a golden blaze.
dayum im imagining how much better this shot would've looked with a dslr. thinking of getting one, not sure when though, =/

we stayed at the Grand Kampar Hotel, which was pretty nice. dad booked us a family suite, and it was really cheap too! well compared to the rates of hotels i've stayed at before, yes, it was cheap. 

while we were there, the hotel's cafe was having some buffet promotion going on, at only rm22 per head. gosh, first time i ever heard of being able to have a buffet meal at a hotel for only rm22.

a picture of the GKH, grabbed off the net.

in the hotel room ; my mum putting some of the stuff down.


woke up the next morning to a view of the foothills from the window, before the sun had risen, and the sky was a dark indigo blue. 

doesnt everything look so crystal clear, calm, and serene, without the hustle and bustle and busyness of the city?
dont get to see much of here, sadly.

the next day, dad got his business done, and we returned to subang in the evening. 

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