Monday, December 13, 2010


gawsh i havent been blogging for like the longest time! :/ a thousand apologies, but so many things are going on that i havent even been able to come online, what more blog.

ladida tralala this the season to be jolly falalalalalalala :D

did some shopping today but all my purchases are stashed away in their bags still and im so lazy :)
i'll show you people what i bought as soon as i can.

oh wait, there is one thing that i bought that i can show you right now.

i bought another tube of mascara from sasa, maybelline hypercurl volum express. only rm19.90! mad cheap :D

and on a side note, i've decided, that i dislike korean guys.
*cue screams of horror from fangirls*

no. there is nothing that you say that can influence me to change my mind. korean guys are...weird.

and this only enforces my statement.

"ohai, how can you say that we are gay, cheryl-sama? come with me, i shall show you how much i saraenghaeyo you, and besides that, we have great kimchi as well."
gazes at me with the creepy 'intense' look that obsessed stalkers tend to give the object of their affection.

eh? whats that you say? how can i not like them with the likes of jay park running around?

well, all right. so there are SOME korean guys out there who are relatively attractive. :)
(cheh the way i said that made it sound as if i think IM so attractive LOL)

im talking about a specific type of guy, with the exception of jay park. allow me to enlighten you.

what the hell is this? i bet the director of advertising for some company which produces female products got his instructions wrong and mistakenly used a male model, after which he got fired.


gay alert.

honestly, i dont understand how some girls could find guys like these attractive.

like seriously?

if he were your boyfriend, do you think he would risk getting his perfectly combed, bieberboy hairstyle messed up chasing a snatch thief who'd just snatched your handbag? or get grease under his meticulously manicured fingernails if your car broke down and you needed someone to fix it? or have the guts to punch someone in the face if they were getting too 'friendly' with you?

instead of the guys in the pictures ive just posted above, guys should all aspire to look like THIS

rawr. :D

*i dont strongly dislike korean guys who look like that, even if they ARE erm, weird. i just think they're queer and dont really mean anything of substance by this post, which was only as a result of boredom and a hyperactive mind. :)


  1. LOL. Girl, the last time I checked, Tegoshi, Teppei and Eiji are Japanese guys (or part Japanese in Eiji's case).

  2. haha! yes i realise my mistake now. i meant i find those type of guys weird, not korean guys in particular. japanese, taiwanese, chinese, etc, just that specific kind with floppy hair and the effeminate look.