Thursday, December 2, 2010


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so the next morning, we'd set our alarms for 5.30am, since the marathon was scheduled to start at 7. i woke up first before the alarm went off.

 stepped outside to see how the 42km and 21km runners were doing from the balcony, and just great, it was RAINING.

hmmed and haahed a bit over whether i should still run, cos it was pretty heavy, but then thought "ah screw it, i didnt come all the way to penang to let a little water scare me away!"

rachel woke up soon and we got ready, and as we were sitting at the table having breakfast, marcus, jason, and danny walked in.

that's jason and marcus being very proud of getting the finisher medals for the 21km :)

the medal.

so me and rachel got going

we walked to the starting point, which wasnt far from marcus' apartment.

all pictures during the marathon are taken with my w705's camera, since i wasnt gonna be carrying around my camera while running.

the starting point!

rachel and i, waiting for the marathon to officially start.

i havent been running for quite some time already, so i had really no idea whether i would be able to handle the 10km or not. but amazingly, i ran the whole way without having to slow down to walk, and finished it without any sweat (ok, that was such an ironic metaphor, right? cos obviously you'd sweat buckets if you were to run 10km nonstop) 

my left knee started hurting when i hit the 7km mark tho, and it was annoying cos i'd already gotten into my rhythm but couldnt push myself any further due to my knee. :(

but then again, my left knee has never been very strong - i still remember an MSSS basketball training session when i was 16 and we were doing full court sprints in under 7 seconds for the length of the court after like 4 hours of sets, shooting drills, gameplans etc, and my knee started hurting so bad when sprinting, but because i didnt want anyone's sorry sympathy, or to think that i couldnt handle it, i just gritted my teeth and sucked it in, but in the end the pain got so terrible that i came back limping like a pussy :/

yeah so maybe i misspoke when i said a few paragraphs back that i didnt stop running, because as we ran along the penang bridge, the sun was starting to rise, and stopped for like half a sec to snap this picture! :D

sunrise from the penang bridge!

so rachel and i finished the run in like 1:10? but then i might be wrong, because isnt that like a really short time to cover 10km? i think that prolly i didnt press the start button on my stopwatch correctly, or the distance marked out was less than 10km.

rachel and i after finishing the marathon :)

wah and yes i know i look SUPERR fugly there, but if you expect me to look fresh and pretty after running 10km in a heavy drizzle, you can go and eat a porcupine.

the certificate we got. sucks that we joined the fun run instead of the marathon category, which was the same distance! but we didnt know about it!! suck nuts X( oh well next year we'll definitely be joining the marathon category!

after the marathon, we cleaned up, packed our things, bade farewell to marcus who had been SOOO nice to let us stay with him, and headed back to selangor.

stopped by bidor again for eats, and this time they finally got their duck noodles! :)

jason and danny

so, may i have the honour of presenting to you, the highly acclaimed, very famous, bidor duck noodles!

rachel's duck noodles.

well, this is just my personal opinion, but they werent THAT awesome. the soup was lightly flavoured, and personally i like my morsels bursting with flavour. or maybe its just because i dont like noodles in general. :)

got home like about 5, and due to being extremely tired from all the excitement of the past few days, crashed on the downstairs couch sleeping until 10?

had to face my final exam the next day, but it wasnt so bad. :) 
i just hope that i get a gpa of at least 3.5! 
*crosses fingers*

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