Wednesday, December 22, 2010


random post out of random thoughts. :)

i was watching The Biggest Loser the other day, and i  think it's a show i'd really like to go on one day, if i had a chance.

i mean, yeah, loosing weight is loosing weight, but the contestants there get to do it in a really fun (in my opinion) way! plus they get prizes and the winner gets big moolah!

much better than dieting dejectedly on your own, right?

so i was thinking, how awesome would it be if i got on that show? getting to loose weight and getting kicks out of doing so, awesome.

but then, morbidly obese people would probably hate me for taking their spot as one of the contestants. and holy cow, i just googled images of 'fat people' when doing this post, and look what came up.


fyi, in case some people take this the wrong way and all, i dont have anything against fat people. i just find the images amusing, that's all.

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