Thursday, December 30, 2010


so 2011's barely a few hours away, and while i'm eagerly anticipating with bated breath what lies in store for me in the year ahead, i cant help but to reminisce and smile at how utterly UH-MAY-ZING this year has been.

without doubt, this year has been by far, the most eventful, interesting, productive, happiest, year of my life. the freaking best year i have had, since ever!

and while i may have gained a pound or two (or three or four) this year, i guess that's all because of how happy i have been! seriously, all i can remember this year is all the laughter, happiness, fun, and adventure that i've had. no memory at all of tears, sadness, misery, or depression. if they did exist at all this year, they were fleeting and quickly replaced with a smile. :)

so, take a walk with me through the memories of this year, will you?

kicked off my 2010 with RBS, which was a blast! 56 days of absolute awesomeness! met so many wonderful new people and had so much fun and new experiences there! 

camerons trip :)

went for International Sports Leadership Training for 5days at Gopeng, Ipoh. that's us waiting for the yummy local fare of chicken and taugeh.

went to australia! i have so many favourite pictures there so forgive the sudden influx of pictures which are to come :)

on the way to mooloolaba beach

kawana beach? can't exactly remember the name.

at the top of the hill in one of aussie's national park with cousins.

brisbane botanical gardens.

easter dinner :)

saw this on a car.

posing with the map of brisbane.

cousin looking out to sea.

(another) cousin looking out to sea.

went to kuantan with joy! 

stopping by the small town of bentong on the way 

at the beach.

woke up at 3a.m. to climb a hill, only to have the view obscured by heavy clouds when we reached the top. :)

went to kl many many times.

worked for a bit, started college, took up a course which is the biggest passion in my life. 

got closer to some people who have always been there but i never took the initiative to get to know.

tried the yummay ikea meatballs for the first time in my life LOL

met beautiful people

said goodbye to some of the awesome people i met this year.

sheng to japan

ming to UK

did A HELL LOT more shopping this year compared to previous years!

took part in a flashmob for merdeka! :D

started watching nigahiga, kevjumba, and wfp. :) awesomeness.

ran in Jog For Hope

erin and i :)

ran in Penang Bridge International Marathon with rachel, and i definitely hope to be running again next year!

with rachel :)

sunrise on the penang bridge!

sweaty us after the run.

went to kampar with my parents on a short trip.

ok many many more enough already its kinda a hassle trawling through all my old pictures just looking for the right ones to show you but you get the point la!

the point is - this year was DA BOMB.

now, where do i go from here?

may the coming year be as awesome, even better!

to all those that have made my year as fulfilled, as crazy, as wonderful as it has been, thank you. you guys know who you are! 2010 wouldnt have been the same without you. may you all continue to be a presence in my life in the coming year!

love, cheryl. :)

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