Wednesday, December 15, 2010


so the other day, i was in pyramid getting my hair done. 

wth my face damn fat can -_-"

nothing much, just got it washed, trimmed and blowdried since i havent had a haircut for the longest time and its bad to go too long without cutting your hair as split ends tend to get more severe.

my sis followed me too, cos she wanted to do treatment for her hair.

 HAHA she looks very aunty here XD

her session took WAAAY longer than mine, so i walked around a bit. and dayum, it was my lucky day, since lots of things caught my eye, and at affordable prices too!

(and when i say affordable, i MEAN affordable.)

just some side info about me, im not the kind of girl which has the 'i feel like it so i have to buy something today' mindset often. i dont normally go out of my way to buy something just because i feel like it - usually i just go along with the flow, and if i see something i like, then i'll pick it up.

so as promised, in this post i shall show you all the things that i've bought! 

1. maybeline hypercurl mascara - rm19.90, sasa

i already have the magnum volum xpress, which is mad awesome and the best mascara i've ever used. but seeing this one going so cheaply, i thought "no harm in adding another mascara to my makeup pouch" :)

2. owl ring - Zing, rm19.90

 saw this at Zing, and i was immediately taken in by its unique design and killer ruby-red eyes. they have the same design but with black stones for the eyes, which i didnt find as nice as they werent as eye-catching as this one. :)

3. feather earrings - rm2.90

you can get this off their huge 4 for rm10 section. i only got one as i didnt feel the need for another 4 pairs of earrings. they also had the same type of earrings in turquoise, tan, black, purple, blue, etc.

4. green stripey top - Brands Outlet, rm20

just another tank top to add to my selection. the material's really good, made out of stretchable, thick cotton with a percentage of spandex (i think)

and yes i know my mirror's uber dirty and smudged. X(

5. blue and white striped dress - applemints, rm55.90 (actually it was rm70, but with 20% off)

ok i am so so so proud of this purchase cos the trend of the casual, three quarter sleeved dress seems to be one of the popular looks now. im glad i got a dress like this for the price i paid. :) 

yes, i know that you can get similar looks at forever21, kitschen, cotton on, topshop, etc. but really, who wants to be wearing the same thing as everyone else? and they'd probably cost a lot more too at those shops :)

 a unique part of my dress so that it isnt the same as everyone else's - the bow at the back. :)

and lookity look at what i found!

if im not mistaken, this girl bought this dress from topshop (i hope she never comes across this post), and i got (practically) the same from some lower-key outlet!

she looks soooooo much better in it than i do, cos she's so much slimmer! jelez. :(

while i dont know how much this costs at topshop, i think its a safe bet to say that it probably cost around three times as much as mine did, knowing their prices. 

6. beige wedges - BATA, rm56 (originally rm80, with 30% off)

yes, BATA! a shop i usually NEVER step into cos in my opinion, most of their shoes are auntie-ish and old fashioned. gosh i just happened to be passing by and suddenly saw this pair. at rm56, how could i resist? ;)

so that's all the stuff i bought, people!

now, if only i could loose a zillion pounds and tone up in time for christmas and the new year! :)


  1. LOL cheryl the girl's pic that you took, the one with the blue stripey dress? she's my classmate in college. and no, i don't think she will stumble upon this post so you have no worries ;p

  2. oh ok, good to know. :) she's really tall and lean wei!