Monday, December 27, 2010


how's everyone been after the festive weekend? 

i for one had a really hectic weekend, but the christmas spirit wasnt as prevalent as it was compared to previous years. maybe it was because quite a few of the people i usually spend christmas with werent around, and because there werent as many christmassy activities such as carolling and whatnots going on this year as well.

and sheesh i just realized that i didnt take many pictures during christmas so that sucks yo. well anyway, remember a few posts ago i said i would be going for youth camp? 

i didnt take many pictures THEN either as we were so busy with activities so here are pictures from here and there. :)

me getting off the bus when we first arrived - i look so fed up and grumpy haha!

the swimming pool.

the indoor basketball court!!
that's isaac btw.

the field, albeit a small one.

all the campers

someone had a birthday at camp :)

6 year old jamie ; awww :)

ian and ivan.
brothers bonding, awww. :D

the guys comparing the size of their muscles, tsk tsk.

dinner time.

during one of the games.

whats that they're preparing??

disgusting max!

we actually had to EAT that as one of the challenges of the teambuilding session.
it's a mixture of cencaluk, condensed milk, chocolate spread, strawberry jam, sardines, and curry powder.

utterly gut-wrenching.
but being the smart one that i was, i quietly took in my portion, then went behind the building and spat the whole thing out. 

li che eating it. 
can you say YUCK?

but we campers got our payback!

brian and ivan, the ingenious game masters who came up with the idea for all the games, including the 'eat the disgusting mixture of things' game, got a taste of their own medicine when they were forced to eat the vile concoction themselves.

pictures from the last day when everyone was camwhoring!

the guys showing off :)

gosh aren't they tall?

isaac, whom i've known for like, 10 years?


yeah i know im short.
oh well, all the better to get a boyfriend then, since there are hardly any guys my height. :)

brandon, who buffed up like crazy this year.

well, so that's my mishmash of random camp pictures. 

guess i'll have to wait a little longer for the christmas pictures (if there are any at all) since i didnt take much pictures. 

till then. :)

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