Tuesday, December 14, 2010


NAHH  a hugeass picture of my face cos ive been MIA so long and i know how much you guys miss me. harhar :D

so ive been on sem break for more than a month now, and every time i log onto facebook, all i see on other 
people's statuses are how bored they are and how much their life sucks. *no offence*

on the other hand, i've been enjoying myself like nobody's business, going out, playing ball, sleeping in the wee hours of the morning, shopping, etc etc, and my life has been really fun. :)

pictures from here and there, just because.

bro's lasagna from dave's deli.

one of the things i said i would do at the start of this year was to grow my hair long, after having short hair for like, the past 6 years.

and behold! i now have enough hair to tie up in a bun! :D its still not as long as i'd like it to be though.

plus my dad's doing business with the owner of patisfrance, taipan. as they're only able to discuss things properly when there are no customers, my dad only goes there after business hours.

and she bomboards him with heaps of the bread and pastries which havent been sold on that day. hence, he's been bringing back huge bags of all these delicious morsels..which is bad! cos it tempts me to eat!

yums, but they're bad for someone trying to loose weight! 

suchan has finally opened in subang!

and their tiramisu is da bomb. 

helped out at my church's vacation bible school.

all the small kids who attended. :)

2 fishes for them each to take home, since Jesus fed a hungry crowd with two fishes and 5 loaves of bread. :)

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