Friday, December 3, 2010


i just blogged my last post barely a coupla hours ago but im here at it again. :)

so i was checking out the videos of janice and sonia, a pair of twins from melbourne who have AMAZING voices.

and they're so soooo pretty too!

check them out at jayesslee, their videos are pretty darn impressive. their beautiful, melodious voices just send a thrill down my spine every time i listen to them. and no, im not exaggerating.

here are some of their videos

a cover of bruno mars' version of just the way you are.

fly me to the moon.
ohgosh ive always loved this song but thought as beautiful as it was, an obscure song like this compared to the mainstream trash of today would never be featured. glad they proved me wrong. :)

who am i, a song praising our maker, the one who made us and loves us. :)

and and and!!

the hell would you believe it jay park is coming to malaysia?!!

2-5pm, 4th december, Putrajaya International Convention Centre

erm, whats with the shaved eyebrows dude?

betcha didnt know i was a fan of korean guys! well thats cos im not.

i admit it, if i had come across jay in any other circumstances other than the one i did, i wouldve thought of him as another typical kpop star who goes around wearing guyliner working the androgynous look and only capable of singing saranghaeyo kimchi saranghaeyo kimchi bla bla bla over and over again, and immediately clicked on an alternative link, but!

i first saw him in ryan higa's bromance video!

jay and ryan!!

i think he really is kinda cute, and WAY more fluent in english than most of his korean counterparts.

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