Wednesday, December 29, 2010


something really freaky happened today, and im still banging my head on the wall for letting it happen.

today i was in pyramid, window shopping and people watching, just like any other regular day. i'd window shopped to the max and was hungry already, so my sis and i went to grab a bite to eat. at the restaurant, there were two middle eastern guys who were sitting at the table next to us.

they looked something like this

alright, so maybe im exaggerating a slight bit and they werent exactly osama bin laden. anyhow, they were middle eastern guys in their forties with mustaches, you get the picture.

something like this would be a nearer hit, but add on about 20 years, thick glasses, a heavier, greying moustache, and longer, greying hair.

so i was sitting there minding my own business and they were outright STARING at me. what the hell? i felt really uncomfortable and stubbornly directed my gaze anywhere but at them.

suddenly, one of the walked over to our table with his phone and gestured for me to take a picture of him and his friend. slightly bemused, i hesitantly obliged. they smiled, the camera went flash, i handed the phone back to them, and sat down again.

however, they STILL kept staring at me, and i continued to respond in the same way which i had before, by not looking in their direction.

and then, barely a few minutes after, the same guy came over with his phone. he pointed at his friend and said something to me in a language which was so heavily accented that i couldnt make out the meaning of his dialogue.

i enquired if it was his friend who wanted to take a picture this time. he shook his head, mumbled more of his intangible vocabulary, and pointed at me, then himself, then me again, while showing me his phone, while saying something sounding like ""

i stared at him with my mouth agape. "you, want to take a picture with me?"

my thoughts were a jumble, not comprehending fully what i was being asked of. i was so surprised, that i stood there for a few moments with my mouth hanging open and eyes popping out of their sockets, going "UHHHH..UUHHHHH....."

and apparently, the creep took that for a 'yes'.

he plonked himself down on the seat beside me, waaaaayy to close for comfort, looking disturbingly pleased, put his arm on my shoulder (WTF?????!!!!!!!!) and smiled for the camera. 

his friend pressed the button, and then he got up, smiled and thanked me, and left.

it might sound like nothing much, but it was a direct intrusion of my personal space, not to mention downright freaky. the whole thing happened so fast that i was dazed and didnt have time to react decisively and intelligently. as my friends say, why do i always become a victim of such things? X(

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