Sunday, December 5, 2010


im like, so dead.

okay, as you guys know, i've been trying to diet since, forever. and things were actually going pretty ok.

but TODAY, is a sunday. and, when i woke up, my family was all in a rush to get to church. so, i had two packets of this for breakfast.

munchy's chocolate chip oat krunch

it was the only thing there was to eat in my house.

so we came back, and there was yam cake for lunch. X(


there are probably crazy people out there who might think that its the awesomest thing on earth, but yam cake isnt exactly my cuppa tea.

so, i had two more packets of this.

before taking a nap for a coupla hours.

aite, then i woke up, went to play ball, came back, and there were only rice noodles for dinner. i dont like noodles, so i had like, 4 more packets of the same.

dayum, chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. im so dead. :'(

maybe i should go on a total food fast for a month. seriously. i cant believe the whole of my food intake today consisted solely of chocolate chip cookies!

i can forget about getting toned and losing weight, and instead shop for clothes in the maternity section. X(

anyway, came across this vid on youtube, and its damn cute!

its ducklings getting blown off their feet by strong wind, awww! :)

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