Sunday, November 21, 2010


hahaha cute :D but so true!

yes i know i've been updating a lot less frequently than usual so here's a super brief update on whats been happening lately! will update more when my schedule is less packed :)

friday, 19/11 - packed my bags for penang and went to the curve where i met up with rachel. after putting my stuff in her car, we grabbed eats and went to Polo Rocks! it was awesome seeing them again, alex, ian, yt, timo, and grace, plus alex's sister evelyn :D bumped into derrick, zhengwei and chanyew. saw kevin there too whom i havent seen in like forever. headed to rachel's after that where we stayed up late talking and giggling at everything and gradually fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

saturday, 20/11 - woke up bright and early, met up with jason who drove us to penang. stopped by at bidor on the way for duck noodles where they got conned but it was pretty funny haha. got to penang around 4 and it was soo soo hot! how come? found marcus's apartment and set up, after danny came round we went for eats at queensbay mall, where they have pretty good shopping too! there was a forever21, kitschen, nichii, guess, MNG, etc etc there! had fun shopping around with rachel. the guys left early so rachel and i walked back and again, stayed up late facebooking and gossiping :)

sunday, 21/11 - woke up just as the guys came back from their 21km half marathon which had started at 3am. got ready for our measly distance of 10km which was scheduled to start at 7am. did pretty good at the marathon, considering i havent ran seriously in a while. dayum and it was raining! was soaked by the time i crossed the finish line. got back to the apartment, packed our things and said bye to marcus. stopped by bidor again and this time they got their fill of quackquack noodles :D reached home at 5-ish and took a hugeass nap. woke up and studied my butt off till i fell asleep again.

today, 22/11 - first paper of finals! was expecting myself having a tough time with the paper, but nope, that didnt happen. dont wanna jinx my chances of doing well so i shall just say that it was better than expected. hope i'll be able to say the same for all my remaining papers! have 3 more papers to sit for before finals are over and done with!  :D am here now blogging, and in a coupla hours will be going to midvalley to catch the premiere screening of The Social Network!

busy busy busy but i love my life!
mwahs mwahs will update more when i actually have time to breathe! :D

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