Monday, November 15, 2010


random post :)

it strikes me as funny that im someone who doesnt get emotionally attached to anyone or anything easily, and i havent cried over a person for the longest time, but touching scenes from movies, shows, and videos are able to get me spilling the tears.

watch watch watch!! :D

and books too!
wept buckets when i read the notebook!

dont watch the movie, read the book! its heaps better :)

or the host, by stephanie meyer! 
shes such a great writer! 
(ok with the exception of the twilight series)

i'd always thought that all stephanie meyer would ever write were sappy stories about glittering vampires, that is, until i picked this book up out of boredom one day. got so engrossed in it that i couldnt put it down! borrowed it from my friend and read the whole book in less than a day. i loved it so much that i read it through again no less than 3 times over the next few days. 

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