Thursday, November 4, 2010


before i start my post, i must say this ; i hate, HATE, blogger's new photo uploader!!

its so hard to understand and upload pics with, and usually omits pictures that ive selected to be uploaded. wth man? just go back to the previous uploader!!

hmm, so today wasnt a very good day. woke up at 9 and found out that my one and only class of the day from 10-12 was cancelled. ate some breakfast, went back to sleep. woke up again at 2, ate some lunch, studied a little, painted my nails, went back to sleep. was bored as hell and woke up at 5, went to play ball, hoping to play a few challenging games. it was boring cos not many people came today. came back in a grumpy mood, dont know why. pms maybe? the house was empty and there nothing healthy to eat in the kitchen, so out of moodiness and boredom, i ate 4 pcs of gardenia bread. bad!!!

i've been faithfully sticking to my diet for a while now, and there have been slight results, but today ive screwed it! oh well, tomorrow's a new day. grrr. damn pissed that i didnt have the willpower to say no though.

im still shitbored, with no one in the house and nothing to do, so decided to update on recent incidents.

like halloween at college last week.

it was compulsory for all masscom students to come in costume for halloween. and i was sure as hell NOT gonna spend any money renting some dumb costume just to be worn for one day, or spend time making something, so i just dug out my high school uniform and decided to come as a schoolgirl.

pictures arent in order, no thanks to the stupid uploader.

hahh!! my high school uniform still fits me!!!

bangganess to the max! :D
*gets all fired up and motivated to continue dieting*

jega, another person who came in uniform.

there's no debate over who has the better outfit though :)

sam, chris, amelia. me.

i had no idea that ballerinas wore showercaps and have daggers tucked into the waistbands of their tutus, haha.

sam's outfit rocks socks!!! :D

fred and i :)

me, amanda, nesh, dilion

yongloon, another smart fella who improvised on time and costs by wrapping himself up in toilet paper, smearing red paint on himself and proclaiming that he was a mummy.

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