Saturday, November 27, 2010


a pic of crystal and i taken last week at the MAPs dinner. the camera mode's wrong but i still like it! :)

so last monday i went for the premiere screening of The Social Network, by invitation of nuffnang!

i had a pair of free passes and the screening was held at midvalley

me redeeming the passes from robb ; blurry pic cos my sis didnt get the camera out fast enough.

urgh. my skin looks so pale and pasty here. X(

the pass from nuffnang. btw The Social Network is only being officially released in cinemas today (27/11/2010) so i dont know why the pass states that it starts showing on the 11th of november.

sis and i in the cinema before the movie started.

so if you saw my status updates on FB, you'd know that i said it was good, and im gonna say it again - it's GOOD.

intricately layered, the next step of the movie is revealed to you bit by bit. exceptionally well written! you know in movies like avatar, good as it was, most of it was made so with the help of outstanding CGI. however, in The Social Network, all that its writer, Aaron Sorkin, had to work with was the plot, and work it he did! viewers are kept on the edge of their seats in tantalizing suspense, licking their chops in anticipation of what's in store.

fast, witty, intelligent, dialogue, between characters, the depth of which the characters develop, its hard to believe that this movie revolves around the axis of mostly talk alone, and even harder to believe that casual banter is able to not only sustain, but bring the movie to such great heights.

it might seem funny to most, and this might not play a big part in most movies, save if they were musicals or disney shows, but The Social Network also deploys very, VERY, fitting audio effects to emphasize the gravity and feeling of certain scenes.

among the actors who brought the characters in The Social Network to life ; 

jesse eisenberg, who portrays the brilliant, eccentric, albeit annoying at times Mark Zuckerberg

brenda song as christy lee

don't expect to see the cheerful, flighty persona that she carries in other shows ; in The Social Network she's the paranoid, jealous, clingy girlfriend of eduardo saverin.

and armie hammer!

he takes on the role of the winklevoss twins (yes, both of them!) and does it very well, as well as being yummy eye candy to boot. :D

hawwt. :)

i heard that mark zuckerberg wasn't pleased with the movie at all though, and seeing how he was portrayed in it, who can blame him?

The Social Network goes above and beyond the creation of facebook, it also shows how friendships are broken, what people can turn into when they want something, how someone can be willing to do anything, even hurt the ones who care about them the most, when it comes to achieving their own purposes.

one word though, and take no offense please ; its probably best to mention that if you dont have at least average command of english, or are especially dense, you might not get the best out of this movie! ;)


  1. oh you were there too? haha..
    i think the movie was good :)

  2. it was beyond good! it was really great! :D