Friday, November 26, 2010


so today i woke up without any plans, when my bestie chaichi FB'ed me asking me if i wanted to go catch a movie. was good to go and we picked 

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale

you can't go wrong with disney princess movies! ;)
watch the trailer here!

i think it was very interesting how disney worked on the whole plot and made it into a completely different story so that its not totally predictable and you don't know what to expect.

so at the start of the movie, there's this magic flower that has the power to cure all ailments ; old age, injuries, etc, and this old witch visits it regularly to sing (?) to it and get her fix so that she doesn't grow old. 

and somewhere else, there's this queen who's pregnant with a daughter, and gets very sick. so they find the flower, and use it to treat the queen. when the child is born, her hair has the same powers the flower used to have. the witch comes and tries to cut off a lock of hair to take with her, but it turns out that any hair which has been cut turns completely useless. 

what to do oh what to do?

so she takes the most obvious solution - kidnap the kid, lock her up in a tower, and tell her never to go out because its a bad, bad world.

but when rapunzel turns 18, she asks to be allowed to go out into the world for the first time to see the beautiful lights she sees every year on her birthday.

however, the bitch of a witch, (yay it rhymes) worried that others might use rapunzel for themselves, refuses to let her out.

but alas! one day a thief seeking a hideout chances across the tower. 

the guy who's wanted by the king's guards also happens to be popular with the ladies - flynn rider.

rapunzel then asks (more like forces) him to take her to see the lanterns which are released for the lost princess every year on her birthday, not knowing that she IS the lost princess.

and so their journey begins! 

i could, but im not gonna give away all the details here! go watch it for yourself! it is EVERY bit worth your 10 bucks or so!

however, i will say this - as what usually happens in every run of the mill disney movie, the scandalous badboy with a dashing smile and a pure heart underneath that mischeivious persona falls in love with the beautiful maiden, who surprise surprise, turns out to be a princess! :D

there are certain things in the movie which deserve a mention.

1. rapunzel's hair!

really, the way it moves, the way it catches the light, the gloss and sheen of all the hundreds of strands of it, it must've been tough animating all that hair!

2. rapunzel's pet chameleon, pascal! :D

he really was very amusing through out the movie, the way he changes colour and adds an unexpected touch to the show. c'mon, a chameleon + rapunzel? you wouldnt have thought of it! 

awww :D

dont you agree that pascal looks adorable? :)

3. the characters from the snuggly duckling pub!

which are as unsnuggly as can be :D

4. this dear fellow deserves a mention too

maximus horse, which is originally a palace horse that gets dragged into the thick of things.

5. and best of all, the scene where rapunzel and flynn watch the lanterns being released from a boat!


Rapunzel and Flynn - tangled wallpaper

splendid, gorgeous, magnificent, spectacular,, mesmering, breathtaking, so purdy i wanna cry :'D

ok lah i'll admit it - i actually DID shed a few tears when i watched this scene. terlalu mengharukan dan menyentuh hati already. :')

so how was it?

well, i could just say that i give it a 10/10, but to describe to you in detail how good it was, lets just say that i had to go to the toilet really badly halfway through the movie, but held it in anyway because the movie was SO GOOD, that i couldnt bear to miss even a second of it.

dayum i think i turned blue in the face holding it all in. the very moment the credits started rolling, i dashed out the cinema and sprinted to the loo at a speed that usain bolt wouldve been envious of, because i seriously had to let everything out or else things were gonna get nasty.

oops, were those too many details?

anyway, my next update will be about The Social Network, which i watched on monday so stay tuned! :)

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