Sunday, November 28, 2010


yes yes, i know what you're thinking, blog about the penang marathon already! i will, i will! in the very next post. i promise. :)

for now, something else. im currently hopping around tumblr and there's so many nice pictures! sooo tempted to get a tumblr too but i already have a blog here.

will think about it. :)

here are some awesome pawsome pics from tumblr that i really like!

magical, ethereal, stunning.
i told you the lantern scene was pretty! :D

i used to love watching disney princess movies. they bring me to a world of fantasy, magic, imagination, starlight and pixiedust.

haha! :D

i have yet to find out for myself :)

heartbreak! XD

part of me is fighting this,
part of me is gone

OMG i’m craving for this naooo ! :(
om nom nom :)



♥ Oh my! Pretty! Blue by Enzoani wedding gown featured on Wedding Inspirasi ♥
i wanna be beautiful on my wedding day!

theworldismyconquest: this reminds me of you baby! ;-)

ishk, i dont even have a boyfriend and im talking about weddings. :D

above all.




11 This is a faithful saying:       For if we died with Him,We shall also live with Him.       12 If we endure, We shall also reign with Him.      If we deny Him,He also will deny us.        13 If we are faithless, He remains faithful;       He cannot deny Himself.


sit.shake hands.good doggy.pose for the pat human head.good job.i love you.
AAAAAGH so cute.
awwww!! :D

i wanna see snow!!

adorable :)

reading is awesome. i guess you wouldnt think it of me, but i do like libraries. being bundled up in warm sweaters, being able to choose the books of your choice from the vast choices there are, curling up on a beanbag, opening the book and smelling the old, bookish smell that library books have, and being taken away someplace reached only by imagination. love. :)


Petit Champlain, Quebec, Canada © Camille MARCHAND
somehow, snow makes things seem more christmassy. :)


Remember what we talked about the other night? Remember when we were arguing about who was going to die first because neither one of us wants to live without the other. Well love, this is going to be us. Til the end.
i sure hope i'll have someone like that when im old. :)

i think ive gone overboard with the sudden influx of pictures here. :) signing off now.

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  1. I love them all!!!!