Wednesday, November 24, 2010


finals are finally over and i hope i did well but thats that, they're OVER and now its time for me to get some proper blogging done. :D

packed my stuff on friday and went to the curve. since the asparagus monkeys had made the cut to the top 10 of the polo rocks competition, rachel and i had agreed to meet up there to support them and then head over to her house where i would sleep over.

so what on earth was polo rocks?
to be honest, i really thought it was an event associated with the polo mint sweets

what? it makes sense right, in a way.

it was only later that i found out that the event was in conjunction of the launch of the newest edition of volkswagen cars, the polo.

and our friends alex, yt, timo, ian, plus minghan and jinyin had joined and made it to the top 10.

the asparagus monkeys! :D

it was still early when we got there so rachel and i went to get eats first. it had just finished raining so the walkway outside the curve looked really..
*looks around for an appropriate word*
pretty. D:

me : hey rachel it the reflection of the lights make it look like there's a golden carpet on the ground! faster go stand on it!

rachel : *walks over*
me : no you're not standing on it, you're standing beside it! move to your left!

rachel : *takes a few steps left*
me : *snap* :D

after eating, we went back to where the event was being held
some other group was performing and they were so glee-esque!

dont they look like it?

rachel and i :)
you'll be seeing a lot of her in the next few posts

the graffiti artists at the event. i kinda felt sorry for them, being set up right at the back, and no one was paying any attention to them or anything.

grace was there too!
take picture take picture!

first take - with teeth.
not nice.

2nd take - without teeth
ok i think this one looks better :D

went backstage to say good luck to the asparagus monkeys before they went up!

everyone looks so distracted XD

and finally, they were on!

adjusting the props for their act.

minghan on the big screen.

the crowd. saw plenty of people i knew!

ian doing his thang.

ian and yt.

was supposed to be taking more pics of them but somehow got distracted. :D


kevin! whom i havent seen in forever! turns out he was there to support his friends' band too :)

so the winners were announced, and the monkeys didnt make it to the top three :(

but not all was lost, as they got a consolation prize of rm1000!
well, its gonna have to be divided between the 6 of them, but still, its better than nothing. :)

a group pic of all the participants.

a pic of all us RBS 2010 peeps - timo, yt, ian, alex, me, rachel :)


guess who? :)

me : alex, so what're you gonna do with the money you guys won!
alex : im gonna spend it all on teh o ais limau!!
me : ... ??
alex : yeah, im not even gonna think about saving for the future or anything, its gonna be teh o ais limau all the way baby!
me : =.= all right then enjoy your teh ais limaus
alex : its teh O ais limau!
me : LOL

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