Monday, November 29, 2010


so i've finally gotten round to blogging about the penang marathon, after goodness knows how long. aites, so last saturday morning, (20/11/10) rachel and i headed to PJGH to meet up with jason, who was gonna drive us to penang.

but not without first stopping by subway for breakfast! :D

we were unfortunate that sub of the day was crabstick. i wouldnt eat that, so i got a salad instead, which totally sucked. the worst 12 (yes, 12 bucks! for just one measly salad, imagine that! i couldve got a mcdonalds set meal for that, and still have change left over!) bucks of my life ever spent.

met jason, and we were good to go.

stopped by bidor on the way for their famous duck noodles.

the sleepy town of bidor.

so apparently there's this shop which is uber famous for its duck noodles in bidor, and its called Pun Chun.

Pun Chun Restaurant, Bidor, Perak
a pic of the famous coffeeshop.

when i said it was popular, i wasnt kidding. it was a full house in there, and lots of people looked like they had come from out of town. there were also plenty of people snapping away with their dslrs, phones, and cameras.

look! like sardines in a tin! :D

their biscuits and sweetmeats for sale.

ok, so rachel and jason wanted real bad to eat the duck noodles, but didnt know which stall they had to order at. so jason asked the auntie at one of the shops for duck noodles, but she told him that they were sold out and all that was left was the wantan noodles. since there appeared to be no other alternative, he sadly settled for an order of wantan noodles.

but THEN, it turned out that the lady was bullshitting him about being sold out duck noodles, she'd only told him that so that he would order the wantan mee. the real owner of the duck noodle stall just beside the wantan mee stall, and was still briskly dishing up servings of duck noodles. jason was so annoyed when he saw that, haha!

the wantan mee. bear in mind, it only LOOKS good due to this picture. in reality, it was only so-so, nothing to shout about.

on the other hand, the woo kok, which comprise of pork fillings encased in a yam ball and deep fried until crispy and golden brown, are marvellous!

this morsel looks EVERY bit as good as it does in the photo, owing to the skills of the photographer. *winks* :)

after having our fill, we were on our way!


rachel and i :)

so we continued on with our journey, and for a long time, all we saw was 


and this.

took the opportunity to doze off after all the excitement of polo rocks and late night pillow talk the day before, and woke up just in time to see this!

finally, penang!

on the penang bridge :)

so we got to marcus' apartment, where danny came into the picture too. he's from kl as well but didnt know that we were joining the marathon, whic was why he came separately.

marcus took us around to see his apartment.

marcus and danny

rachel and i.
yerr i look fugly here. oh well nevermind :)

his apartment was really nice :)

thats just a sculpture, in case you didnt notice.

cleaned up, then went out to queensbay mall at 6-ish for dinner.

passed by the waterfront on the way where they were selling kites.

had dave's deli for dinner, then rachel and i went shopping! :D

found this pink dress which i thought wasnt bad.

take one.

take 2.
look look it really isnt bad right? hmm hot pink, didnt get it though, dont think its very wearable.

we mustve gone into like a million shops but all the while i kept seeing people carrying forever21 shopping bags and we were totally psyched to go find it before 9.30, which is when we said we'd leave.

wandered around the whole mall, got lost a coupla times, and finally!


wahh seriously the forever21 at queensbay mall is really big, id say probably the size of the one at pavillion or bigger.

a pic of the inside.

went gaga and ran around forgetting about rachel for the time being (hehe) but alas! so many clothes, so little time. =/

dug around for a while, but gave up when i looked at all the mountains and racks of clothes, and thought of how little time i had. went back to rachel to see what she was doing, and she was in the accessories section.

she was looking at the necklaces and we started to camwhore with them :D


me :)

got out after that, the guys had already left earlier to hit the pillows cos their 21km marathon was scheduled to start at 3am O.O

on the way back rachel and i stopped by this mart, and what did we find?


wait wait, digression! and an important one at that! i just noticed, that in the above pic i have a AHEM *jawline* AHEM!! haha :P

so anyway, this is what we discovered!

the hell?

blueberry & hazelnut and lemon & sesame pringles? like seriously? what are they gonna come up with next, rum & raisin? toffee & pistachio?

grabbed a coupla snacks to munch on and continued on our way.

rachel and i AGAIN, on the way home.

eek my face looks so round here due to me tying up all my hair, what a contradiction to my jawbony picture.

yes yes this post is full of our pictures because we know you love us mwah mwah :D

reached marcus's apartment where everyone was already asleep so rachel and i owned the place haha.

night time view of penang from marcus' balcony.

i see the sea!

once again, rachel and i stayed up late facebooking, bloghopping, and gossiping. :)


when it was finally time to turn in for bed, guess what?

marcus had an ironman pillowcase! take picture take picture!

lol jakun i know.

and a very adorable polar bear soft toy.

me : hey rachel, look! now i can say i slept with wolverine, ironman, and captain america, all at once!
rachel : eh i want too! help me take picture also!

snap! haha!

yes i know what you're thinking "aiyoo, these girls ah, everything also take picture, bedsheet only also want to take picture." X)

ok enough i'll stop with the pictures for now, time for bed!

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