Monday, November 8, 2010


hie! :D

ok this shall be a short post with minimal use of words cos i just finished my assignment and im so tired cos i studied the whole day and went for basketball as well but am still updating for the sake of keeping things fresh.

so a few days ago my family was invited to a friend's daughter's birthday.
it was held at neway, jaya square.

had an awesome time!

it was fun being in a karaoke place with my whole family, with many other families as well.
and the eats, gosh. it was a self service buffet and the food available was so so yums! :)


more cakes


what is this? i cant remember what its called..mussels?

the buffet area

my sis and i. i look so pale faced and tired in this picture! prolly cos i was up from 6 in the morning and was running around kl the whole afternoon, only to get back at 5+ in the evening.

fruit dish on our table.

sis and i again.


the room uncle kevin rented.

they had a sushi bar too!

yummy fresh salmon and other meats in the selection at the sushi bar.

one thing i really, really liked about the buffet at neway was that they kept on replacing the finished dishes with different ones. and the food was really good too! seriously good.

oh their marmite chicken!
oh their cheesy mussels!
and ice cream and cakes and seafood and calamari rings!

highly recommend the place.

might not be updating as frequently as id like to, because am presently cramming for exams, which will be held in 2 weeks. and on top of that have my marathon to prepare for!

you know you love me, xoxo.


  1. Awesome!! So many choices and variety! Hope it won't be too expensive for me to go!

    Where is this place anyway?

  2. hi albert! its at ss17, jaya square, subang jaya. if im not mistaken they have branches at shah alam, cheras and times square as well. you should go! the food's really nice! its rm50 per head from 7-12pm for the dinner buffet. :)