Friday, November 12, 2010


starting off this post with a random picture of two of my seniors! :)

amelia and chris with their joyful offerings of blueberry cupcakes. :)

wahh i have my finals and the marathon next week to prepare for but have been blogging on a roll like there's no tomorrow!

so today as always, i was talking to arief after our game of basketball, slugging h20 from our bottles sitting on the bleachers watching the teams after us play against each other, and the subject of relationships came into our conversation.

me : you know, if i had boyfriend, i think i'd only say 'i love you' about like, once a week.
arief : the hell? are you freaking serious? i say those three beautiful words to her about 5 times a day!
me : hmm. look here, you, and listen carefully. do you like big macs?
arief : big macs?
me : yes, the ones that come from cows

and are served at mcdonalds. tell me, do you like eating them?
arief : errr..yeah. whats this got to do with anything?
me : would you like to have a big mac for lunch tomorrow?
arief : *clueless* sure.
me : and for breakfast and dinner as well?
arief : well that wouldnt be such a ba-
me : and the next day? 
arief : err..
me : and the day after that?
arief : O.O
me : and the whole of the following week?
arief : of course not!
me : glad you see what i mean.
arief : O.o ???


so there you have it, my Big Mac Theory©! 
(got copyright one ok!)

yes my logic might be slightly off kilter, but nevertheless, the logic's there. :)
ain't i awesome to have come up with such an awesome theory?
im so awesome yes i am.

and since im so supremely awesome, i hereby decree that you bow down flat on your face whenever in my presence, keep exactly 5 steps behind me at all times, and never allow me to have the chance to complain that my pillows aren't fluffed or that my toenails are dirty.

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