Friday, October 29, 2010


remember when i was blogging about my sister's dinner at victoria station some time back? i mentioned this guy whom i thought was kinda cute, something along these lines

"oh gosh and btw at the area where i was sitting, there was this guy about my age with his friends, who was wearing a red football jersey with the number '7' and the name 'kiat' printed on it. 

he looked kinda cute but couldnt really see his face as his back was facing me and whats more, my dad was sitting smack in between me and him =.= talk about a damper.

so not to sound self absorbed but through out the dinner i think i overheard snatches of conversation like 'that girl over there' and he turned 180 to the back a few times during the dinner. whatever for, i have no idea. 

but he was really pretty cute lor! seriously!
so HEY, erm, 'kiat'!! if you're reading this, my name is Cheryl, i'm single and available, i love long walks on the beach, roses, expensive dinners, fast cars, romantic sunsets, i believe in true love and finding 'The One' and my number is...!!!"

*smacks self*

now look at my cbox! 

does anyone believe that this guy is really who he says he is?
i know i dont. 
because it could be anyone! for all i know its some anonymous old hairy dude who dropped a comment there
not saying i have anything against people who are old, or hairy, but well! you know what i mean. :)

so moving on to other things, i saw just randomly surfing the net and i came across pictures of the korea F1 grid girls!

 Korean grid girls 2010 (AP Photo)
anyone have any opinion on their outfits?
notice that band on their pants which spirals up around their midriff and is connected to their top?

Korean grid girls 2010 (AP Photo)
for one thing, the first time i saw this i was like
"wah how to go take off their pants to go toilet like that?"

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