Saturday, October 16, 2010


it's so sad that after all this while, i have only this one recent picture to show you guys.

in case you've noticed, there has been an appalling lack of pictures on my blog nowadays, and the ones that ARE there, are mostly recycled. sorely apologise for the lack of current pictures. not like there's anything much to show these days anyway. a typical example of my day now would be ;

0800 - wake up, go to college
1500 - get home from college, sleep
1800 - wake up, go to the park to take a walk and talk crap with people at the basketball court
2000 - get home, shower
2100 - eat dinner, read newspaper, trim toenails, whatever nonsense
2300 - go online
0300 - sleep

my oh my, how dull and mundane my life has now become! what happened to my colourful, volatile, exciting, turbulent whirlwind of a life that i had merely a few months ago?

the life i have now is akin to a boring old lady who sits at home with 27 cats and whose idea of a smashing time is doing a different pattern in her knitting. :(

someone hand me a life quick! :D

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