Monday, October 25, 2010


so last thursday was my sister's 16th birthday!

we celebrated by going to victoria station at taipan! gosh, the last time i went there was like 5 years ago?

family pic

sis and i. 
yes i know we look nothing alike.
and nuts my eyes look so odd here. like i have lazy eyes.
(if you know what lazy eyes are)

so, without further ado, got down to the serious business of ordering our food. :D

a page from their menu. nice!

complimentary fluffy warm buns.

mum's salad.
and thats another awesome thing about dining at a place like victoria station, they peel the prawns for you.

oh haha and one thing you didnt know about me ; if im ever served prawns with their shells still on, i just eat them whole, with the exception of the head of course. cant be bothered to tediously take the time and patiently peel the damn thing off. 

btw, did you now that prawn shells contain chitin, which burns fat?
yes they do. 
which gives me all the more reason to be lazy and not peel the shells off my prawns. :D

was sitting in front of a mirror.

oh gosh and btw at the area where i was sitting, there was this guy about my age with his friends, who was wearing a red football jersey with the number '7' and the name 'kiat' printed on it. 

he looked kinda cute but couldnt really see his face as his back was facing me and whats more, my dad was sitting smack in between me and him =.= talk about a damper.

so not to sound self absorbed but through out the dinner i think i overheard snatches of conversation like 'that girl over there' and he turned 180 to the back a few times during the dinner. whatever for, i have no idea. 

but he was really pretty cute lor! seriously!
so HEY, erm, 'kiat'!! if you're reading this, my name is Cheryl, i'm single and available, i love long walks on the beach, roses, expensive dinners, fast cars, romantic sunsets, i believe in true love and finding 'The One' and my number is...!!!

*smacks self*

anyway! back to the topic!

dad's sizzling steak

and the steam fogs up the lens of my camera. :S

bro's fish and chips.

sis's victoria steak

my  mushroom steak.

this is my first time eating steak in a long, long, looooooong time.

washroom break = camwhore.

because you see, i havent posted up any pictures of myself here for such a long, long time, that i feel such a ravaging urge to do so!


reflection in the window

plates well cleaned of their food  :)

family pic ; blurry 

another one. nothing to shout about, but still better than the first one.

yesss more pics of me :D

feeding that narcissistic need 

brother sitting in the driver's cabin at one of the train carriages they have at VS.

we then proceeded to secret recipe for desserts!
yes i know we're such gluttons :D

sugar packets

oreo cheesecake, pecan butterscotch. 
i dont really like pecan butterscotch but my mum loves it.

bro sitting like he owns the place, lol.

american chocolate brownie.

if u ever want to eat a brownie at secret recipe, forget about the other type of chocolate brownie that they have available. (cant remember the name) they have 2types of brownies, i've tried both and this one is the best.

sis : why all the pics you take of me so cacat one??
me : not my fault the camera cant make you look good.

again, our plates scraped clean of their servings.

and so i shall end this post with another picture of...ME! :D

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