Sunday, September 19, 2010


1. i don't swear, and i dont like people who do. the worst i'll go is 'bitch' and im sure that doesnt really count as a cuss word in our society now?

2. the only carbs i eat are those in the form of veggies. i love veggies!

3. i hardly wear jeans cos i think i look super duperly fat in them!

4. i love piercings and have a tongue piercing as well

5. i went on a rapid crash diet when i was younger, cos i had a serious weight problem. and i went from 56kgs to 39kgs in less than 8months! but im afraid ive gained most of it back :(

6. my wardrobe is full of dresses, skirts, and pretty tops. :)

7. i looooooove reading. im a readerholic! i read all the time, even when im eating, and sometimes when im bored and theres nothing to do i just read the labels of tins of food or instruction manuals. :)

8. i dont watch tv.

9. although i dont get emotionally attached to people easily, i cry like a baby when i watch emotional movie scenes!

10. i used to go for ballet classes when i was a kid.


11. when i was younger, i wanted to be a boy. in fact, i was so strongly convinced that id one day turn into one that, i'd try to pee standing up to prepare myself for that future exalted day. MUAHAHA stop laughing.

12. sometimes, i wish i lived in another country. and hey do you blame me? with our government rife with corruption, certain races given preference to others, and so on? im not saying i dislike our country, its just that sometimes, certain things which are run certain ways in our country, really really irk me.

13. i use my phone only once in a blue moon.

14. i've only started wearing makeup this year.

15. however independent and brusque i might appear to be, i still really like it when guys surprise me with sudden acts of chivalry, like opening a door for me or offering me their seat. :)

16. i love acoustic rock, R&B, classical music, the oldies, and pop.

17. i think that in our world, there are more good looking girls than there are good looking guys.

18. i think gays are awesome! they're a shopping buddy, fashion consultant, connect well emotionally with girls, they always look presentable, they shower regularly, dont cuss, and are still able to dish up the dirt on why guys act the way they do.

19. but i think lesbians are freaky.

20. even though i have plenty of good friends, i only have 2 best friends. i dont believe in having like 8 people as your best friend cos then, where would the 'best' in 'best friend' be?

21. half the time, i dont sleep at night. like now. its near 4 and im still doing this shizz.

22. in my lifetime, i have had 2 bunnies, 18 fishes, 4 budgies, and 4 tortoises as pets. none of them are alive and with me today O.O

23. when i was 4, i caught a lizard and wanted to keep it as my pet, and i thought the best place to keep a lizard would be in the cosy darkness of my mums wardrobe. no prizes for guessing whether my mum was happy with that arrangement.

24. i love animals.

25. the grossest thing ive ever eaten is a tarantula's leg. take that, fear factor!

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