Monday, September 20, 2010


yknow, i realised today that i havent been out in the sun for simply ages! looking back at the old times where it was a must for me to go out every evening to play basketball, compared to nowadays, if i do go out, all i do is run. and thats always in the really really early morning like 5.30am or late evening, 7pm.

looking back at my sun loving days where i was burnt as black as a berry, and i loved it! in the past, i despised all those females who slapped on layers of foundation, trying to make themselves as ghostly pale as possible, cos i thought it was horrifically ugly and used to think that having a healthy tan was the epitome of beauty.

but then i went to australia, where i saw hordes of young people clamouring to get bronzed and enjoying their superficial beauty for a short term of their youth, only to turn into wrinkly, scaly, bags and have terrible skin when they got older, and i now try to avoid the sun as i would the plague.

came across this as well. scary example of why we should avoid the sun as much as possible!

brigitte bardot, sex symbol of the 70's. 

she was so pretty! WAS.

she was famed for roles in which she wore as little clothes as possible and frolicked under the sun all the time, and look what that did to her O.O

see the UV damage already?

how about now?

well, you might say im being unrealistic and that everyone ages with time, but im guessing that if she hadnt run around in a bikini under the burning sun as much as she did, she might still look pretty good. like nicole kidman.

her in the 80s

a shot of her last year.

i guess all those women in saudi arabia or wherever have gotten the right idea when they go around like this

maybe i should get meself one of those too :D

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