Wednesday, September 22, 2010


hey people! i'm doing great here, although im pretty much swallowed up by college these days. which kinda relates to the first sentence of my post.

since the beginning of the semester (august), there were many things i wanted to say, but just didnt because i was afraid id be stepping on people's toes. but ah screw it, i dont have anything to loose so here comes my rant.

alright, when i first started college, everyone in my intake seemed so friendly and happy happy, but i didnt wanna get too close to people whose attitude i didnt have any idea of, so i kept my distance, despite the numerous ajaks for meals, movies, and such. some people might say that that isnt a very good approach to take and that i should get to know as many people as much as i can, but i'm really glad now that i made that decision to keep my distance.

during the first week of college, i wasnt expecting much, and approached my new environment with some degree of apprehension. just to enlighten you guys, there are a lot of people in my course (masscom) who cant even speak english well. like, seriously? i mean, all our classes are conducted in english, and if you dont even have the slightest comprehension of the language then really, what are you doing here? i wouldnt mind if people like them actually paid attention in class and made an effort, but all some of them do is facebook, talk, and sleep in class. and after that, they actually expect the ones who pay attention to keep them posted on what to do and all that shizz. they even asked some of us to help them complete their assignments for goodness sake. not that id mind helping, but really, do you really expect us to go to an extent that it affects our work, which is exactly what you people are asking for? asking others to go online and find stuff for you, and print out information, when theyre doing a completely different assignment from you, is JUST PLAIN thoughtless.

you cant cope? well then i guess thats just too bad, isnt it? this is COLLEGE, dears. you cant expect to be spoonfed and babied, the way you were in high school. and besides, we're all in the same boat, doing the same assignments, the same work, how do you think you would feel if you had to deal with someone else inconsiderately dumping their burdens when you have your own to take care of as well?

these people dont dare to stand up for themselves, dont dare to even TRY, how the holy smokes do they expect to get along? they ask me to help them tell the lecturers things when they themselves are sitting right in front of the lecturer, because they dont have the confidence to. and while i dont mind helping, i cant help feeling irritated at their lack of backbone. is it really so hard to open your mouth and say what you have to, instead of sitting there like a helpless fish flopping around out of the water?

honestly, i was really disappointed in this, cos i kinda expected people at this age to have a higher mentality. after all, arent colleges supposed to be "Institutions of Higher Education" ? judging from how things are now, i really think that my classmates back in high school had more intellectual qualities than some of the people around me now. i'm guessing that a lot of them thought that if they wanted an easy course without having to use their brains, masscom is the way to go. which sadly doesnt do any good for that infuriating perception that all masscommers are people who take that course because they arent good enough for anything else. im pissed that people think that way but i do concede that they have sound reason to believe so.

i guess i sound like a heartless cynical person here, but really, there was a solid reason why the saying "sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind" originated. if these people dont change and keep expecting to be coddled, i really dont see how they would even make it past this sem.

psst, dont worry. if you're capable of comprehending the amount of vocabulary garbage i just spewed out, you can be certain you're not one of the people i have in mind.

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