Thursday, September 30, 2010


random loser : hey, cheryl right? how you doing?
me : who is this?
RL : im kevin, remember?
me : kevin? which kevin?
RL : there, that kevin, that one...remember?
me : what nonsense, i know 3 kevins.
RL : remember last time we were friends and you gave me your number?
me : we were friends? how do you know me?
RL : we met at that place last time, remember, and we talked and you gave me your number.
me : *getting more and more suspicious* we met at that place? which place?
RL : there ah, that place over there..that one that one..
me : bullshit la!
RL : ok la, we went to the same high school, aisheh. like that also cannot remember me.
me : which school was it?
RL : some school la, you dont know meh.
me : i know perfectly well, so why dont YOU stop beating around the bush and tell me which school it was?
RL : erm erm....
me : why dont you just stop wasting my time and tell me exactly what is it you want?
RL : chill la, why so fierce? i just wanted to know if we can be friends.
me : what? you want to be friends? why? i dont even know you!
RL : thats why la, i dont know you so i want to get to know you ma.
me : well, give me 3 good reasons why i should be your friend.
RL : har? errr..
me : lets start with you being honest and telling me how you REALLY got my number.
RL : i told you already right?
me : excuse me, you think im stupid is it? you think i cant tell that you're lying ah? faster answer me!
RL : err...ok..
me : and tell the truth this time!
RL : ok la, my friend gave me your number.
me : -.- which friend?
RL : there, that guy la, that one, you dont know meh
me : WHICH ONE LA???!!!
RL : that one...
me : -.- whats his name?
RL : erm..jack.
me : jack?? bullshit, i dont know any jack. now if you have nothing better to say, i dont wanna waste any more time talking to you cos i have better things to do.
RL : err...
me : *hangs up*

5minutes later, i received an sms from RL ;
hey, really sorry about just now..shouldnt have called and disturbed you..aihsss. i feel really really bad about it.. sorry..sorry.. please forgive me.. :(

one word.

you think im mean? yeah whatever. cos i sooo care what you think, right? :D

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