Friday, September 10, 2010



havent blogged for 3days already. it feels weird cos updating this blog of mine here is something thats such a routine it feels weird when i pass up on doing so for too long.

but hmm yknow when you update for the sake of updating, you feel that its so monotonous, like you're just doing this cos you're supposed to do it? so maybe its for the best that i dont update EVERY SINGLE day, not if i have nothing in particular to say. like now. i dont think i have anything in particular to talk about. 
*twiddles thumbs* 
but i have to talk about something! or else this'll be just another narcissistic "oh i went here today did this today" blog post.
so what shall i talk about today? 
oh yeah i know!

i shall talk about this person! whom i super detest!

(rawr i got mojo to blog liau!)

her name's lin, and i shall refer to her here as The Lin Bitch!
yes, i can practically hear your questioning voices, going "why? why do you dislike her so much? she looks like such a nice, decent, proper person! you terrible cynical judgemental girl!"
just shut up and let me get on with my side of the story first, ok?

you see, just before i started college, i worked in this boutique for a little while, and she was my senior. 
and this is why i hate her so much : -

1. on the first day of my job, she told me where everything was displayed.i listened and everything, but im not a robot! so its not like i can remember every single thing she tells me for the first time, right? so as a boutique assistant, after the customers try on clothes, i have to hang them back on the racks. and during my first week, i still wasnt familiar with where everything was supposed to be, so i asked her

me : er, lin, baju ni hang kat mana?
TLB : baju ni? tak tau ke?
me :
TLB : baju ni, so obvious you tak tau? *gives me this 'oh for goodness sake you idiot* look
me : *scrambles away to try and find the place to hang it*

after a while...
me : eh lin, betul tak jumpa la
TLB : omg masih tak boleh cari lagi?! *gives me this frustrated stuck up "god you annoying stupid simpleton" look*
me : *looks at her helplessly*
TLB : wah, ok lah! next time you better jangan tanya lagi!

and this happened several times over the couple of months i worked there.

what the hell? i dont think anyone, ANYONE can remember where ALL the 100+ clothes in a boutique are supposed to hang if they were told just once, do you? and she treats me so annoyingly patronisingly, like 'oh gosh you dumb piece of shit, cant you remember when i told you that one time already on your first day? holy crap you're so stupid you freaking retard, you should be ashamed of yourself that you dont have the genius mental capacity to do so, so just watch the customers while i condescend myself to show you where that green shimmery dress is supposed to go'

2. she just hates it when the customers treat me nice and make conversation with me. they didnt talk as much to her cause emm, i dont know, i look friendlier and more open? cheh sendiri perasan :)
granted, im quite chatty as well and will continue any conversation initiated, but shes just so annoying! after the first few times in which the customers talked to me, she warned me not to talk to them any more save for discussing the clothes in the boutique.
but the next day, this couple came in and the woman tried on one of our cardigans with a dress of her own.

husband : thats a nice dress, isnt it?
me : yeah, i guess.
husband : its from canada!
me : oh really? thats nice!
husband : yup, we lived in the states for a while back in bla bla bla

and i couldnt go like yep ok just shuttup so obviously i had to stand there and smile and nod, and answer when he asked my questions right?
so after they'd left, TLB suddenly went, with this very very pissed face, "i'm damn angry with you! i already told you not to talk to the customers!"
and she proceeded to glower at me and give me the silent treatment for the rest of the day. 
childish shit.

3. she steals our sales! apparently she does this to every single staff there, and all of them, knowing this, check their sales at the end of every day. but me, not knowing, suffered having really sucky sales for the first month. after which, i confronted her one day after seeing that she recorded down an item valued at rm80 that id sold as her own.

me : lin, how come this rm80 sale is under you? and wheres that sale that i made of rm80?
TLB : eh, saya pun ada jual juga ok! *fakes indignance*
me : really? but then where's mine?
TLB : esok saya check bagi kamu

and the next day the sale was put under my name. lying twofaced cheater, if id never confronted her she'd just have kept on giving me her phony smile and keep on pretending like she was doing such a fantastic job with her own sales.

4. every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, she'd plant her huge ass on the comfy stool and go on facebook and whatever shit with her phone, and just order me around. BITCH! at first, being new, i just stuck it out, but as time went on i got wise to this. and she told me that we couldnt use the computer in the boutique to go online, but then whenever she thought i wasnt looking, she'd sneakily go on! and when she finished using, id go and prowl around the computer, trying to see if i could use it for a while as well, only to find that she'd disconnected it and hidden the modem! sneaky cow.

5. she steals customers too!

6. she's damn lazy! she'll tell me to do ironing, do this, do that, which granted, IS my duty to do as a staff of the boutique, and i dont mind doing it, but she always tell me to do stuff that SHE has to do as well so that she wont have to do her fair share of work! ANGRY!

7. she kept on comparing herself to me and calling me fat! childish and lame not?! i know im no kate moss, but come on, she's none too svelte herself! please lah in the boutique there are several large, full length mirrors, and she should go take a good look at herself in any one of them before calling other people names! at least i wear tank tops and minis and short dresses and not have people gasp at the fatness of me!
where else, her? HAH!

IF lah she's so proud of her skinniness and everything, pray may i ask, why doesnt she dress better? 

8. all her stupid boyfriend drama. =.= she always tells me about all these guys who're after her, saying that she has a lot of boyfriends and all, suck it! SO WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND??? SO WHAT I ASK YOU?????? IF la she's in such high demand, then why did every single one of her relationships end with the guy ending it? and she told me that in one of her relationships, the guy was such a parasite for her money, and broke it off with her in the end! and never even paid her back! wahaha loser please la dont come and try and lord it over me with the fact that i dont have a boyfriend with all your loserish pathetic boyfriends! SO WHAT IF I'M SINGLE?? I'D RATHER BE SINGLE THAN BE YOU!!! FOR THE RECORD, I'M HAPPY BEING SINGLE, than you? you arguing with your boyfriends over stupid childish issues (even though you're an adult already) and crying yourself in the staffroom?? oh SURE, i can see how much happier you are being attached and 'hot' in demand!!

9. her stupid penchant for camwhoring! yes i know this sounds very mean and judgemental but i cant help it! seeing her giving her widest, cheeriest, most attractive (or so she thinks) smile to her lousy camera phone every day! i mean, why? even i dont do that! she really really loves to take pictures! to the extent of asking ME to snap them for her sometimes! ok, if someone WERE really that attractive and all, i guess it wouldnt get under my skin so much. i mean, someone like HER

definitely has a lot to show off! but TLB?

seeing her repetitively, every day, ham it up for her lousy camera, i used to wonder why...and am still wondering.

dear readers, do you think this = attractive? or even averagingly ok?

for the life if me, i cant imagine why she'd even love the camera as much as she does.

worthy of the camera loving her? you decide for yourself!

AHHH!! feels good to finally get so much off my chest! havent been able to do so before as i was still working a few weeks ago so yep :)

so now that you people have heard me out, im sure you'll agree with me that she IS one of the biggest (literally) bitches ever!
 but if you disagree then suck it, i'm sure i wouldnt like you anyway! :P 

for those of you who've known where i worked, i hope this doesnt reflect badly on the boutique! for the record, my employer was ze bestest, most understanding person! and the other staff were really nice and friendly, it was just TLB i had a problem with!

well i guess i'll end here, but not without leaving TLB a message!

hey, you. yes, YOU. if you're reading this, then, good! first of all, you suck! you work in a job which isnt even remotely prestigious, and you lord it over all the new staff,!because, JUST BECAUSE, you have that pathetic puny bit of recognition and acknowledgement given to you as one of the senior staff, you wanna abuse it cos there's no other area in your life you'd be able to pick on others without getting hit one back! you abuse your power and make everyone miserable just so you can feel good about yourself! well just screw it, cos you are nothing! you're just some pathetic person that everyone puts up with cos no one else would wanna do your job for long. us? me and all the other staff there? we're all going to college, moving our way up into the world, moulding a place for ourselves in life one day! but you? you'll still be stuck in your muddy rut back down there, tied down your 10hours a day job, unable to have a life or move on! and we sure as hell wont think of you when we're up there!

p.s. on a sidenote, she unfriended me on facebook! yes, a nice, friendly, sweet girl like me! i wonder why? :D

yes i know im childish, got a problem? piss off and leave my blog, i sure as hell wont miss you! :D


  1. hahhaa..she IS a BITCH!! gosh i don't know what i'd do if i met someone like her!! ;(

  2. wahaha thanks!!! glad to know that people agree with me! :D