Sunday, September 12, 2010


justin bieber! 


i was never particularly interested in him, being more of an R&B and classical music kinda girl, so i ignored the guy with the annoying swishy haircut that all the other girls were going beserk over. see him on tv? change the channel. hear him on radio? next station. glossy magazine pages with his face on them? skip the pages. 
everything was cool and i was free from the clutches of bieber hype . for a while.

now, everywhere i turn, everywhere i go, everything i see, its all about justin bieber! his bieberness has expanded so hugely that unless we're talking about someone who's been living under a rock their whole lives, everyone alive has prolly heard of him by now.

i was surfing the net yesterday, and i came across this video!

mad hilarious!
it got more than 14million hits on youtube and whats totally awesome is that the host of some TV show saw it, and decided that this would be good publicity material. so he flew the whole family over to his studio, and they got to meet justin bieber and go to disneyland, all paid for by JB's company!

*pokes bro*
hey you! start crying about megan fox or whoever and make it look cute so that you'll get 14million hits on youtube so we can go to america and go to disneyland and meet her! 


  1. haha.. seems amusing to me.. lol.. =P

  2. you should watch TheKeyofAwesome's channel on Bieber's "Baby" parody xD haha