Sunday, September 26, 2010


recently, ive found myself to be surrounded by such obnoxious thickheaded idiots its unbelievable how i can stand them. methinks i have the patience of a saint, not having blown up at any one of them yet.

i hate ;

1. guys who get into the female coach on the KTM.

i commute practically everywhere and i hate, HATE, these annoying dense morons, who just march determinedly into the coach, pretending they 'didnt know' it was a female coach, grab a seat, and then feign surprise "oh? was this a ladies coach? why i had no idea! but since im so comfy here already i think ill just stay put."


equally to blame are all those women who come in with their boyfriends / husbands. once, i saw this fat lady with her pathetic boyfriend step into the coach and gesture to her boyfriend to come in, saying 'takpe, masuk je", and at the same time giggling and telling him, "sayang, ini coach wanita!" annoying bitch. and i also saw this woman with her child, come in with her husband. not to sound inconsiderate here but come on, if you wanna be with your husbands or boyfriends that badly, then for goodness sake just get into an ordinary coach!

2. people who dont dress properly.

since this can be interpreted in many different ways, allow me to make known where exactly im coming from on this one.

people who dont button up the buttons on their clothes, therefore exposing unwelcome naked flesh. the buttons are there for a reason, damnit! just today, i was out with my family, and there was this guy with only the bottom two buttons on his shirt buttoned up, which was sufficient to show what you wouldnt wanna see.

no he did not look like this

or else i wouldnt be complaining. he looked like this

flab + old + hairy + exposed body = big eww!!

and he had a teen daughter with him, gosh. poor girl. O.O
but shouldnt she have the common sense to tell her old man to dress with some dignity? i wouldnt be caught dead with my dad if he went out like that, cruel as it sounds. and i bet you wouldnt either so dont judge me!

and i have another gripe about people trying to squeeze into clothes that just isnt meant for them. sure, you can wear a bikini if you have the right body statistics to go with it.

sidetracks *gawd katy perry is hawt!*

not if you look like this!

because chunky thighs and skinny jeans go together like cookies and milk. not.

really, would you wanna be accosted by sights like these when you go out? in my opinion, this is prolly a type of visionary violation. some kind of law should be made prohibiting people from wearing clothing that require them to stop breathing normally in order to put it on. what? its for their own good as well! im pretty sure that wearing a top that threatens to burst if you inhale cant be very comfortable?

im all for being confident in your own body, but come on! really, how do they have the nerve to do it? thumbs up for being determined enough to go out dressed like that though. if only that determination were put to better use. like being determined enough to not eat 6meals a day should do it, ha.

i know la im not skinny either, but i do try to dress in clothes that suit my body, really.

and whats with grown ups trying to dress like kids?

this is cute.

not this.

act your age and dont dress like tinkerbell / thumbelina / whoever! unless you're going to a fancy dress party, that is.

3. people who dont understand what "queuing up" means. back a few days when my family was getting lunch, i accompanied my dad to queue up to place our order. when we were still waiting our turn, this guy in front of us in the line got a call on his phone and walked out of the restaurant to answer it. him being gone, everyone else moved up in line.

after 5 minutes, when my dad was looking somewhere else, the guy waltzed right back into the line. my dad noticed and

dad : excuse me, im waiting in line here
dumbshit : yeah but i was here earlier, i just went outside to answer a call!
waiter : next!
dumbshit : i'll have a quarter pounder, make that a large with sprite, bla bla bla

obnoxious twit! if you've left the queue, YOU'VE LEFT THE QUEUE! so what if you were standing there first! thats just too bad, isnt it! you expect everyone to just wait there for you because of your oh-so-important-phone call? suck nuts! who cares if its your boss calling to tell you that dubai has just placed a fatcheque order for 5tonnes of marble to build another 6 star hotel, or if your wife is on the way to the hospital to deliver your son and her water just broke but she's still madly craving that quarter pounder or whatever, GET BACK IN LINE!!

4. drama queens.

"oh gosh i just swallowed an ant in my water, somebody call an ambulance NOW!!"
"OMG that guy i've had my eye on for the last two days was talking to another girl, im so gonna murder that bitch"
"NOOOOOOOO i've just lost my favourite hello kitty keychain my life is over!!!!"

annoying much?

there's this girl in my class, (you dont need to know who) who's a self professed drama queen. she talks at the top of her voice, making sure all within earshot (which is usually the entire class) can hear her enunciating down to every last consonant, and proceeds to lay down and dissect her entire life for all to know. just put a trap on it, will ya?

5. people (mainly girls) who're so damn proud of what they got from their momma, they have to tell the whole world about it. (im sure lots of you who have mutual friends with me know what im talking about) while yes, i do admit that most of them undoubtedly have better looks than average, theres no reason to update your status once every 6 hours telling everyone on facebook how much you love your legs or whatever. thats just plain stupid, and showing off. you dont need to shove it up people's arse how much you love your body, and we just arent interested.

6.  girls who put on what they think are their hottest outfits, and make a big deal about how they went for a 'photoshoot' dears, do you even know what a photoshoot is? well, you apparently dont, or else you wouldnt be misusing the word so atrociously, so allow me to graciously set you straight.

A photo shoot is generally used in the fashion industry, whereby a model poses for a photographer at a studio where multiple photos are taken to find the best ones for the required brief. ...

pics derived when i googled the word 'photoshoot'


and the results? 



and THIS.
THESE are things associated with the word 'photoshoot', nitwits.
not this.

what, stand in front of any camera, strike some random poses, and call that a photoshoot? like seriously are you kidding me =.="
i really dont get how some people can just walk out to some park, or hotel, or whatever, in their best outfits, get their friend with a hotshot DSLR to take a few hundred pics of them, upload all of those pics to fb, and tell the whole world about their 'photoshoot' 
and as if that isnt bad enough, some of them even use a CAMERAPHONE for their so called 'photoshoot' stab me please.


all this ignorance and stupidity around me infuriates me and gets my blood boiling so much, ill be lucky not to die young.


  1. Best thing is, these things don't affect you much, so why bother about them much? :) But when it hits you, then that's a different case.

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