Sunday, August 22, 2010


got into a dispute with one of my lecturers the other day about the definiton of, would you believe it ; sandals. =.=
yeah yeah i know, you're prolly thinking to yourself 'which person wouldnt know what sandals look like?'

you see, ICSJ has this dress code for DMCers (thats an acronym for Diploma in Mass Comm) which states that NO sandals are allowed, cos theyre too casual / look sloppy. something about DMCers having to sell themselves to people and therefore, have to look presentable at all times.

and the other day, i was wearing these crocs i've had for a gazillion years, and i lurve them cos theyre so comfy.

hardly look sloppy or lazy, no? even with 3-inch heels, theyre the absolutest mostest comfortablest (yes i know i just slew like 5 grammatical laws there but whatever) pair of footwear one could own, and look preppy to boot.

and this lecturer, tells me that theyre SANDALS and are in no way acceptable to the dress code. what the heck?

 please, first of all, sandals are so ugly i wouldnt wear them any more than i'd wear a bearskin hat =.=
whats a bearskin hat, you ask?

there's a bearskin hat for you!

my first impression associated with sandals is that they are a kind of footwear which were really trendy some time ago.
maybe during the time of moses, around 1000 b.c. ?

the sandals which were so ugly, God told him to take off before coming into holy presence?

well ok so maybe in exaggerating a slight bit, and not ALL sandals are horrible, but i definitely would look terrible in them! 

and i asked her, how in the world did she classify them as sandals? and she answered "because they dont have any straps at the back" 
double =.="

can i please go jump off a cliff
apparently, my lecturer.

what kinda classification is that? shoes without straps at the back are considered sandals?

so you saying all these footwear are considered sandals la like OMG can i commit fashion suicide keel me now

please, i hold firm to my stand! (excuse the pun) sandals are ugly pieces of calfskin leather with bits of string attached to them and are for those who couldnt be less fashion conscious! 3-inch shoes are high heels!

well whatever the issue, she didnt do anything else about it, so will continue to wear my beloved crocs to class until further notice. 
ta. :)

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