Monday, August 9, 2010

MY BABY'S 6th :D

so last saturday i went to nicole's birthday party!

my sayang has finally turned 6! :D

the party started at 7, and when i got there with my family the kids were making sand art keychains

looks cool! wanted to try making it but didnt wanna be responsible for depriving another small kid from not having one.

nicole's cousin amy helping her glue on the top


end product! pretty! :D

and of course i had to take pics with the pretty little birthday girl

take one ; blurry

take 2 ; much better!

and then it was time for eats! :D

om nom nom

munch munch :D

she had a cool cake too!

wah so pretty! ive never eaten a barbie princess cake before!

hao lian must take picture! :D

and then it was time for games

serene and amy were the game coordinators (cheh sounds so professional) for the party

nicole partnering her bff renee

took this pic of the aunties, no idea why. maybe cause i felt it was better to take pics of all people present and not just the kids.

aunties doing what aunties do all the time, gossip about everything under the sun. :)
just from my mum's facial expression, i bet she's complaining about how the price of chilli at giant is higher than the price of chilli at mydin. or whatever. 

on to the next game, stick the sticker on the poster. or something. XD

kids listening to serene and amy explain the game

their facial expressions - O RLY? O.O

even her guy cousin participated!

playing mr. wolf



awww :)

ice cream time!

auntie shewe yea giving it out and only one girl noticed

then all the others came round

eh eh whats that? share la!

random digression, fruit tartlets

LOL :)

back to the party

nicole eating her ice cream

eww i look sticky. yes i do.

i am so not posing for this pic :)

mr long bringing the cakes out!

kids : ooh ooh what? wah!

group pic

and shiets i went in to grab a stick of satay and when i got out again they'd finished singing the birthday song and nicole was about to blow out the candles

i shrieked "wait wait i havent taken pics yet!" while dashing back for my camera and then running out the door again

but to no avail :( 
oh well

kids choosing their barbie cupcake

we were pondering on how we were gonna cut the barbie cake around her legs, so one of the adults suggested pulling the body of the doll out first

gave it a gentle pull and..


sayang choosing her cupcake

awww her mum feeding her

ending this post with a pic of glass art and my sis in the background. i wanna dslr so i can have beautiful blurry backgrounds!

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