Friday, August 27, 2010


so as i mentioned in my previous post, caught Step Up 3 last wednesday!

watched the movie for free, thanks to Advertlets!

had no one to go with till the last minute, when i was having a bite at snowflake with the college mates and announced that i had a pair of invites and did anyone want in?

yong loon, who's in the same course as me.

the long line of bloggers waiting to for their tickets. we got there early though, before the crazy long queue started, snapped up our tickets, and had dinner at subway while waiting for the movie to start.

my eyes look so unsymmetrical in the pic below! :(

anne, a friend of yong loon. she's a makeup artist btw!
spent like an hour with her in sasa fawning over all their merchandise and lovely perfumes :)

our tickets.

saw ellie there, whom the last time i saw was when i was in standard1? she's my classmate's elder sister

when she saw me she was like "CHERISH MOY SU-GRACE!! Hiiii!!"

was so surprised that she still remembered who i was, even though i go by the name CHERYL now. btw, ellie owns the blog, and is one of advertlets most popular bloggers!

whoops fail shot :)

bumped into eric soong, the blackberry pimp (lol that sounds wrong) there as well.

he's really nice! 
and he has a slang too, which surprised me! i dont mean anything by it, but when i first saw his pic in shinyee's blog i thought he'd be like some typical chinese dude who peppers his speech with "lahs" and "mahs" and takeis at cybercafes and goes for yumchas at mamaks at night with his kakis.

lol i know i dont make sense X)

the cinema before the screening!


so how was the movie?

well, i thought that the dance moves were REALLY awesome

sharni vinson has ONE HELL OF A HOT BOD. 
*turns green with envy*

best movies ever step up 3d
seriously look at her perfectly sculpted abs and amazing physique wth i wanna body like that! XD

wow look at her shake that thang :D

and rick malambri is awesomely cute too

but all those mushy emotional lovey dovey issues werent my cup of tea. the chemistry between natalie and luke seemed to be really forced and unnatural.

it just dragged in so much romantic baggage which, in my opinion, did not go well AT ALL with the general flow of the movie. and the porous, totally predictable plot, made this movie just another run-of-the-mill movie, with another typical storyline.

the verdict?
if you're a big fan of dance and can stand all the sappy romantic issues that goes on in between, well by all means, go right ahead and jump in! but if you're looking for a movie with good substance and a well thought out storyline with exciting, entertaining scenes, i suggest you look elsewhere. :)

i guess it was bearable and i wouldnt say it totally sucked, but it wasnt anything to shout about either.

some of the guys started clowning round after coming out from the cinema :D

showing off their dance moves too :)

dont think you can spot me, but go ahead and try anyway. :)

and..ending this post with a totally fail pic of me!

sheesh i look so fat! didnt even realise i was in a picture X(

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