Sunday, August 29, 2010


someone is being a very hardworking blogger all of a sudden! where's my round of applause?
just kidding. :)

beautiful shot of the sky on the way to church today. 

pretty much talked out from all the blogging ive been doing so much more lately, so i think ill make this more of a phlog.

the youth went to A&W to chill instead of having bible study, yay!

A&W waffles are mad huge and yummy! and freaking cheap too! i once ordered one for myself when i was out with friends some time back cos i didnt feel like ordering a whole set and eating too much but, the irony of it, i could only manage to finish a quarter of my waffle.

not minee!

not mine either!! 
persevering in trying to loose weight. :D

my dear youth leader michael fun

lol my sis looks so disgusted here at i dont know what

i look really crappy and tired. :S

i have this deep rooted belief that, the curlier the onion ring, the yummier it is, :)

wrapping up this post with an extremely cute picture of something i saw on the way home.


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