Wednesday, August 11, 2010


y'know when you least expect it, something pops out at you to remind you that, despite all the bad things that seem to be happening around us and negativity of the condition of the world today, this is still a beautiful place that we live in. people have so much capability to give onto others, to the point of settling for less themselves.

maybe you've read about how i experienced one such encounter a few weeks ago after participating in a charity event here.
anyway, i'd like to share how another one just happened to me today.

so i was coming back from kl a little while ago. smartass here made the decision to come back during rush hour, when the roads of the city are absolutely hellish. actually missed 2 monorail coaches, because there were just so many people crowding and jostling and pushing, each determined to get in the coach, every one for themselves. 
an aunty even told me, amidst the pushing and shoving "You make sure you dont push me!" and at the same time trying to make her way through the tangle of humans by the means of sheer force =.=

FINALLY got on the third coach, albeit being compressed in a sea of humans, odours and humidity. got off at kl sentral and got on a bus back to subang. it was horribly cramped, hot, my heels were killing me, and im pretty sure the guy standing next to me was a potential sex offender by the way he was very interested in the logo of my shirt across my chest and kept on inching closer to me.

i was standing in front of these two foreign workers who looked like myanmarese and were sitting down. the hand of my watch crawled forward, and we had barely covered the distance a child would have been able to walk. i sighed, straigtened up, and just put up with it the best i could, since there was nothing to be done anyway.

suddenly, a little way after we had passed midvalley, the two foreigners stood up and motioned for me and the lady beside me to have a seat. i gratefully collapsed into it and smiled thankfully at them. i nodded goodbye to them at the next stop. i mean, it would only make sense to assume that they were getting off, right? who would just give up their seat to some perfectly healthy, young, teenager and just endure the inconvenience of standing next to a guy whose armpits smell like the sewer if they weren't gonna get off in like half a sec? i wouldnt O.O

but on the contrary, they remained standing next to us after the next stop. and the next. and the next. i then realized that they had given their seats to us because, JUST BECAUSE, chivalry isnt dead yet. because they still know that, despite the brouhaha about gender equality and all that jazz, women still like to be treated with patience and respect, and actually appreciate all the extras we get for being the fairer sex. when i got off, they smiled and said bye to me and the lady who had sat next to me.

this little act of kindness really brightened up my mood and provoked new thoughts within me. we view foreign immigrants with an upturned nose, thinking that them being here creates all sorts of problems, that they are just troublemakers who rob us of opportunities in our own country. to an extent, i guess some of this is true, but from what i experienced today, among these people are ones who are every bit as civilised as us malaysians, perhaps even more so, and are just as able to contribute to making this world a better place, even if its just for a girl whose heels were giving her a sore back. :)


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