Friday, August 20, 2010


so on wednesday a bunch of us namely mingy, esther, sheng, joanne, engaun and this person here went to KLIA.

a shot of sheng and i :) 
didnt notice that the cam was in a different mode

anyway, the entire purpose of us going was to send angie off the the US of A, where she was gonna further her studies. :S

we went to the airport around 8, and bummed around waiting for angie and her family to arrive.

angie, esther, joanne.

angie and i

the clock ticked away, and eventually it was time for angie to board the plane.

RBS peeps group pic before leaving! 

of final hugs and teary goodbyes :'(

a distant blur walking away from us, to a new country.

take care and come home safe angie! we'll miss you!

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