Tuesday, August 31, 2010


nothing beats spending quality time with the ones closest to you :)

went to usj9 Murni's a few days ago with arief and ben. what the hell, cant understand what all the hoo hah is about it. like, when we walked in, there were a bunch of kids there, with cameras all snapping away.

whats the big deal? its certainly a step up from an ordinary mamak, but not to an extent that id bring in the DSLRs O.O

i mean, yes, the food isnt bad, but nothing that'd make me go WOW, it wasnt very clean, and from what i experienced, service was pretty shitty. the water that they gave me was freakin TAP WATER. what do you mean how can i be so sure? filtered water doesnt have bits of unknown stuff floating about in it, and doesnt taste funny!

arief's roti scrambled, which was just ok

ben waited and waited and waited till the cows came home for his order, nasi USA. and when it came, it was kinda sucky. it was ice cold and totally gross. just one look at the egg and you know its one thats been sitting there for like half a day?

anyway, he shoveled one spoonful into his mouth, and promptly spat it out.
"eeyuck! what the hell?"

apparently, they didnt even cook the prawns. and when i say 'didnt even cook', i dont mean the prawns not being cooked properly. i mean like, prawns exactly the ones you see in the wet market, sitting there on ben's plate kinda not even cooked.

did i say kinda sucky? make that TOTALLY sucky =.=
and everyone's waxing lyrical about murni's saying its so awesome and all that? i dont get it.

ben expressing his disgust haha :)

went to the park after that, just chilling and talking the rest of the night.

playing on the swings :)

went for dimsum brekkie the next morning with family.

dad, mum, bro

om nom nom

lou mai kai.

and, just interjecting a random thought here, i realise that, most of, if not all of my life, is laid out here for you people to read and dissect. yes i lead a boring life i know. i dont get into scandals, i dont have a boyfriend, (still single and available!! any guys interested? preferably hot and rich!! WAHAHA JUST KIDDING :D) i get along fine with almost everyone, my family doesnt really have any problems, i dont go clubbing, sleep with ppls bfs, get into bitchfights and all that.

 people ask me, what do you talk about on your blog? and i answer them "anything and everything" and they're like "you sure? no one reveals EVERYTHING one their blog!"

well all i can say is... if NO ONE reveals everything on their blog, then i must be.. SOME ONE.
OMG lame i know.
night! :)

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