Monday, August 16, 2010



am in a super good mood! because

1. just attended an RBS gathering with all the lovely peeps from RBS last saturday. yes i know it was 2 days ago but its only now that the pics are up on fb and seeing them makes me feel so warm and squishy inside :D

wahh i bet you guys have never seen this much of my teeth when i smile in pictures :)

this is cause i am convinced that i have rabbity teeth that stick out, hence me always smiling with my lips together (go check out all my previous pics if you really wanna confirm this) unless its something that im REALLY tickled / happy about. :) and thats exactly what this pic shows! so now you know one surefire way to tell if im REALLY entertained by you, or just putting on a polite front haha :D

some pics from the night

tim and i.
i love this guy! and i dont mean it in that kind of way so dont you mega enthu people go take this the wrong way. yes ming, im talking about you! and you too sheng! :D

joy and rachel, with me in the middle.

the gathering was for mingy's and angie's farewell, cos they're leaving the country soon to further their studies. :( i'll miss them truckloads, especially ming. 

2. sheng's back in msia! the girl who i talked to like super a lot in RBS and was in the same mission team / games group with!

wahaha seriously her and ming's expressions are like rofl :)

i know this pic is shitty cos its blurry and dark and all, but its intentional :D so that my pimples and everything arent so pronounced. ohyeah on a side note, i have been having really crappy skin lately :S

team kirton, with colin kirton :D

made plans to meet up with her to go shopping this thursday, the poor girl is suffering from RDA - retail deficit disorder cos everything in tokyo's so expensive! 

hmm hmm why else am i so happy? oh yeah

3. had a whole day out with my family yesterday. we went to parade after church, where i got a new pair of wedges, and had dinner at TGIF :D

4. im meeting lotsa new people at college! and i really really love my course and all my subjects! how is that possible, you ask? well considering that im taking masscom, which is something im totally interested in and always knew i'd be doing, the impossible is neigh. the lecturers are all really good too, but it IS a disputable fact that my english lecturer is able to put people to sleep due to her being so extremely long winded. oh well you cant have it all in life :)

5. i've been baking quite a bit lately!

me and my bro, who being all curious cane round to help me. excuse the fuglyness of my face in this pic, i'd just gotten back from college before i rolled up my sleeves (though literally thats not true but you know what i mean) and started mixing away 

my bro sneaking bits of peanut butter choc chip cookie batter into his mouth

the unbaked cookies looking like miniature piles of poop, ready to go into the oven :D

in the process

bro looking happy with our handiwork

cookies scraped off the baking trays into a dish to cool down ; my totally CMI face =.=

6. im getting to know certain people in my life better than ever before :) people at church, people from my high school days, other people whom i've known for quite some time but have drifted away from or just never really bothered to take the initiative to get to know well. cant mention who they are and what we talk about thats brought us closer cos thats P&C.

there's more but i think you guys are prolly tired of my self absorbed tirade by now. toodles! :)