Friday, August 27, 2010


blog updates 3days in a row woots!

ancient photo of aileen and i, taken 2years ago? gosh i miss her :)

so, at a risk of sounding stuckup / self assumptous / bitchy / you name it, recently, i've been experiencing a spike in attraction from the opposite gender. (yes go ahead and call me all the names you want and leave my blog now biotches)

but for those of you who are still reading, here's why.

the other day, i was hanging out in pyramid, waiting for my dad to pick me up since i couldnt be arsed to take the bus home again. since chaichi had left to have dinner with her sister, i was alone, not that i minded.
walked into this small accessory shop and when i say small, i mean small. it was cramped and there was hardly any space to move about. i walked in, without realizing that this dude had followed me in.

he mustve been 24? 25? and was well built and athletic, pretty muscular actually. when i saw him, i thought he was just another customer there to browse, but he came up close behind me and kept saying "hey, how are you" "can i call you" =.=

thought it was high time to leave, so i turned and tried to get past him. but like i said, the shop was really cramped, and the idiot wouldnt move to let me through, so i had to squeeze past him, and when i was doing so, he grabbed my arm roughly and said "GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER"

terrified, i pulled away and yelled "NO!" and proceeded to practically pull an usain bolt out of asian avenue.

it doesnt sound like much now but believe me, it was really scary at that time.

was waiting for the bus some time last week, when this indian dude who was fat, balding and with stained teeth practically old enough to be my FATHER pulled up on a motorbike and asked if i could give him my number. i just looked in the other direction and ignored him, and thankfully, he went off.


it was 9.45pm and i was with my sister waiting for my mum to pick me up from the bus stop a coupla months ago. this young guy on a bike pulled up and asked me if i knew the way to ss12. he looked pretty decent, so i went and told him "you pergi jalan sini, pusing sana etc etc" but he kept on shaking his head and saying "tak tau, tak tau"

he then started mumbling something to me, and i was like "what?" at the same time going closer to try and catch what he was saying. he responded with more mumbled words =.= and i cant believe i was gullible enough to go even closer to try to comprehend the rubbish he was whispering to himself.

he then said "you tolong saya tunjuk jalan" and i was like "ya la tadi sudah cakap" and he said "no no, you datang dengan saya tolong" at the same time gesturing for me to get on the bike. i was like =.= "NO"  wth he mustve thought i was stupid, but wait, it gets better.

he then intervened desperately "saya kasi wang" and i was like "whattt????" but he apparently was too stupid to interpret my tone correctly since he said "RM200. ok?" and i went "NO!" and showing even more of his stupidity, raised it to "RM500, boleh?" i immediately stepped away, telling him to get lost, and thank God, my mum showed up at that exact moment, causing him to scram faster than pirated DVD sellers being chased by cops.


and when we got home...

sisjie what the hell leh! why u go so close to that guy?
me : oh the idiot pretending to ask for directions and asked me to help all this crap, but i said no la. why so scared?
sis : jie!! he was a FLASHER la you didnt realise?
me : ha? yameh?
sis : ya la omg!! he went and unzipped and you didnt notice and he some more go spread his legs so big want you to see you didnt see! i saw and i was just like wth so scared!!
me : ...well what an idiot to pick me of all people to flash at. wasted la his balls, i didnt even notice. :D


so much attention, all of it unwanted, all of it negative. well theres more actually but since i dont like posting up overly wordy posts, i guess i'll just save it for another day. 

till then :)

p.s. i know this post might make me come off as some conceited, self-loving snob who parades around thinking 'i'm all that', and if you do conclude that, well then, thats up to you. but honestly, im not. im just posting this post cause the sheer absurdity of my misfortune of my encounters prompted me to do so.


  1. OMG, hillarious ! nice post bout all these pathetic losers, babe. Nanged~ :)

  2. You're very smart to keep away of those flashers :)