Tuesday, August 3, 2010


woke up a working girl, went to sleep a freshman.

 i just made the decision to start college yesterday.

i'd always thought i'd be starting next year, after taking a one year break. but well, life's unexpected. and i figure that now when i have the money to start, why not?

so right now, im at


you could say that right now, im raring to go at it, revving myelf up mentally for the change my life will unevitably undergo. and would it be considered blowing my trumpet if i said i secretly harbour hopes of acing all my classes and wowing my peers and lecturers? no more fooling around like in high school, this is different, this is college. no more waking up in the morning and turning off my alarm clock just cause 'i dont feel like waking up today'.

no more ignoring deadlines, cos that'll make me look bad and affect my lecturers perspectives of me. no more taking extended breaks just cos i feel like it. no more 30mins toilet breaks harhar.

so this is a whole new ballgame ive just got myself into, and im sure as hell gonna make the best out of it and like it! :)

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