Friday, August 27, 2010


finally, the fourth installment of the massively popular Resident Evil movies will soon be showing in cinemas!


so, in the wake of Umbrella Corp's genetic experiments, they have produced minions of mindless, flesh devouring zombies which joyfully chase after the few remaining humans left on earth with the intention of having them for their next round of noms. :)

EEYURGH...we want your thighs...EEEYURGH

while these creatures are hounding people down at their doorsteps, Umbrella Corp is doing nothing but to sit back and twiddle its thumbs.

tsk, tsk. this is unacceptable. Umbrella Corp has to take responsibility for their actions. but how? if i were Alice, i dont think just guns would get me all that far. O.O

so how? i know!

i'll employ the two hottest creatures which are all the rage at the moment!

i'll unleash my army of sparkly, tree-climbing, glowy, pale white vampires on them! sounds good, no?

the vampires'll suck the hell outta them and devour them alive!

and if that's not enough, i'll bring in the big guns and get the werewolves to chip in. :D

one look at jacob's crazy ripped bod and im sure that'll be enough to drive them away. or else, they'd certainly scram fast enough if they saw what he looks like when the full moon rolls around!

hell yeah dont mess with us, zombies! or else my gang of werewolves and vampires will make you pay!

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